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Chengguan ran over an old lady to death on the street with their “law enforcement vehicle” in China

M: I’ve been busy on ordering some low price goods for my eBay these days.
U: you should be well-stocked by summer
M: hope so.
M: Just we haven’t talked other topics these days.
M: maybe we should give some time to Kaddafi etc.
U: well…if it seems interesting for you
M: There is a woman in Libya. People are worrying about her.
M: now
U: i remember reading the news
U: she was screaming for help
M: yeah.
M: It has reminded me of some Chinese women who screamed for help.
U: tell me more
M: My English isn’t good. I don’t know much about that Libyan woman.
M: I tell you some sad news about China. do you like to hear?
U: sure
U: i hate sad news
U: but must hear it to understand
M: two weeks ago, I ordered a scale on eBay. It made me think of that old news.
M: Maybe it’s two different stories, or the same one. I’m not sure.
M: An old man was run over by a truck to death on a street.
M: It was recorded by the street camera and posted online
M: This old man was around 70, maybe older
M: He tried to earn some money.
M: He went to the street to collect some old newspapers, used papers, etc.
M: He tried to buy such papers low and he could sell high so he could earn some money for his living
U: go on
U: i’m here
M: He had a scale to measure the papers
M: But in the mainland of China, it’s illegal.
M: The “Chengguan” came
U: really…why?
M: do you remember that young man burnt himself in Ali’s country?
U: yes
M: he sold fruits illegally in the street.
M: same in China
M: understand?
U: yes
U: keep going
M: The local gov’t hires some strong men to deal with those people who do business illegally on the street.
M: Those men are called “Chengguan”
M: Some people think that the gov’t just think that they can’t collect tax etc. from those people and affect them to collect money from other people so they just send some strong men to kick them off the street.
M: The “Chengguan” came and took that old man’s scale away.
M: The “Clengguan” collect some properties to their own pocket by taking those people’s stuff.
M: The old man wanted to get his scale back. I think that he must be very poor and the scale must occupy a big part of his fortune.
M: He was too old and those “Chengguan” was so strong. He couldn’t get this scale back. And the “Chengguan” took his scale and entered the truck to go away.
M: The old man sat on the front of the truck to block it.
M: He still wanted to get his scale back.
M: The driver started the truck and ran over him.
M: He died on the street.
M: The camera recorded it and someone posted it online
U: thats terrible
M: Later on, I read a similar story and watched a video. I can’t tell if they are the same or the different story.
M: it’s really terrible.
U: do you have a link?
M: the reason that those people are “illegal” is that they are not good for those officials to collect money.
M: let me search it.
U: hey
U: i have to go now
M: wait!
U: ok
M: the link
M: at 1:20 it’s the record of the accident
M: have you seen it?
U: its taking a long time to load
M: oh, patience is a virtue
M: is it ok now?
M: it’s just 1:46 long.
M: from 1:20, it’s the record from the street camera.
U: it keeps buffering
M: oh, it’s an old woman, more than 70 year old.
U: ok
U: still buffering
U: i saw it
M: are you crying?
U: no…but its sad
U: ok
U: good night
M: ok,
M: good night
U: ((hug))
M: ((hug))

The people who built Beijing have no right to live in this city now

M: Do you know that in North Korea, the people having Pyongyang citizenship have much more welfare than the rest of the people? sort of similar in China, just less.
U: thats the problem with hard-core socialism….nothing is equal
U: its nothing like Marx advicated
U: its all phoney
M: I own that priority, anyway. 😛
M: in China.
M: I didn’t feel that much when I was in Beijing. Just recently, so many arguments about Beijing citizenship. The local gov’t are  sort of kicking people without a Beijing citizenship out of Beijing.
M: Sort of like slave society.
M: People are fixed to certain small land with a record named “Hu Kou”
M: or certificate
U: taking from the poor and giving to the rich…sort of backwards you think?
M: ((nod))
M: a lot of people saying so.
U: and these same people complain about how unfair society is in the west
U: ha ha
M: compared with China, the unfair things in the west are just a piece of cake.
U: things are unfair all over
U: but at least in the west…even a poor person has the opportunity to make things better for themselves
M: yeah. In Beijing, so many high buildings have been built recent years. They were built by peasant workers.
M: those workers has no welfare, very low salary, high tax
M: now those buildings were finished, the gov’t start to kick them out of Beijing.
U: yes…in the land of the workers paradise
U: how ironic
M: They have no rights to live in a city they built.
U: just a poster slogan
M: When I was in Beijing, I often saw those peasant workers eating along the roads.
U: it took the russians almost 70 years to realize it was all fake
U: how much longer for the chinese to realize this
M: In the evening, they even just slept on the ground
M: They sacrificed their health for this city.
M: even their lives
M: but they have never enjoy this city’s welfare. Now they even can’t stay in this city any more.
M: it’s sad. Just wonder how long they can tolerate.
U: so sad
M: They even have to have a fight to get their low salary.
U: and then put up with such large crowds to get home for holiday
M: I read a few postings saying that some workers were killed when they went to ask for salaries.

Chinese gov’t generously support 10,000 U.S. students vs. Chinese netizens donate pork to 18,000 students and teachers for a meal with pork in the New Year’s Day of 2011(images)

I just saw these two pieces of news. Here I translated and posted them below.

1, In the dialogue between Chinese Ambassador Zhuang and U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Colin Campbell, on the occasion of President Hu’s visit, Mr. Zhang said that China will do its best to provide assistance for “the initiative of 100,000 students coming to China in the future 4 years”. Mr. Campbell showed very grateful that China gov’t had provided financial support for 10,000 U.S. students to study in China in the future 4 years.

2, In a Chinese website: taobao.com, an activity has been lanuched by a non-gov’t group: donate a piece of pork to the poor students and teachers. So far, 18,000 students and teachers had a charity dinner with pork based on this donation. So those people could have a meal with meat in the New Year’s Day of 2011.

This is “harmonious” China (image)

According to my life experience in the mainland of China, in this photo, this peasant just wanted to sell some products he planted to earn a bit money. The guys with uniform are Chengguan. Chengguan are the people who are hired by the gov’t to make the city’s streets “clean”.

Added Jan. 15, 2011

M: I posted a photo about Chengguan on my blog. I found that a lot of people from Indians checked it.
M: http://www.coolder.com/iblog/?p=2298
M: I wonder if they laughed at China because of this photo, which is not what I expect.
U: i don’t know if i should laugh or cry
M: have you seen it?
M: I posted it to put pressure to our gov’t to improve it.
M: to tell our gov’t that the people know it and stop to repress those poor people.
M: India has a movie “slumdog millionaire”.  We don’t laugh at India because of it.
U: I love that movie
M: We respect it that they have freedom to publish its dirty side.
U: yes…very real
M: but I heard that it’s forbidden in Indian, but at least, it shows that some Indians have some conscience to care about their society.
U: i didn’t know it was forbiden in India
M: I saw a posting saying so. I’m not sure.
M: when you see that photo, you should think how to help him. That’s conscience.
M: (angel)
U: i wish i could help him