WordPress Page Template isn’t Working [Solved]

I built a page template “page-tabs.php” under the folder “wordpress\wp-content\themes\themename\page-templates”.

The page permalink is http://domainname/wordpress/en/tabs/, but it didn’t work.

Later on, I found I missed one step: the following block should be put at the very top of the custom template:

I open the page edit page and change “template” in the “Page Attributes” to Name_of_your_custom_Template, then the customized page “page-tabs.php” starts working.‎

How to change Browser’s language

Sometimes, the browser can present the language you don’t know. And you can’t change it back to your language. It can be frustrating. I have tried changing preference, language etc.. But it doesn’t work for me. I found a very simple way to change the language of the webpage on Google Chrome. It is to add “hl=zh-Han” at the end of the link. According to the situation, you may need to add “&” or “?” before it.

Below are the examples: