The people who built Beijing have no right to live in this city now

M: Do you know that in North Korea, the people having Pyongyang citizenship have much more welfare than the rest of the people? sort of similar in China, just less.
U: thats the problem with hard-core socialism….nothing is equal
U: its nothing like Marx advicated
U: its all phoney
M: I own that priority, anyway. 😛
M: in China.
M: I didn’t feel that much when I was in Beijing. Just recently, so many arguments about Beijing citizenship. The local gov’t are  sort of kicking people without a Beijing citizenship out of Beijing.
M: Sort of like slave society.
M: People are fixed to certain small land with a record named “Hu Kou”
M: or certificate
U: taking from the poor and giving to the rich…sort of backwards you think?
M: ((nod))
M: a lot of people saying so.
U: and these same people complain about how unfair society is in the west
U: ha ha
M: compared with China, the unfair things in the west are just a piece of cake.
U: things are unfair all over
U: but at least in the west…even a poor person has the opportunity to make things better for themselves
M: yeah. In Beijing, so many high buildings have been built recent years. They were built by peasant workers.
M: those workers has no welfare, very low salary, high tax
M: now those buildings were finished, the gov’t start to kick them out of Beijing.
U: yes…in the land of the workers paradise
U: how ironic
M: They have no rights to live in a city they built.
U: just a poster slogan
M: When I was in Beijing, I often saw those peasant workers eating along the roads.
U: it took the russians almost 70 years to realize it was all fake
U: how much longer for the chinese to realize this
M: In the evening, they even just slept on the ground
M: They sacrificed their health for this city.
M: even their lives
M: but they have never enjoy this city’s welfare. Now they even can’t stay in this city any more.
M: it’s sad. Just wonder how long they can tolerate.
U: so sad
M: They even have to have a fight to get their low salary.
U: and then put up with such large crowds to get home for holiday
M: I read a few postings saying that some workers were killed when they went to ask for salaries.

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