This is “harmonious” China (image)

According to my life experience in the mainland of China, in this photo, this peasant just wanted to sell some products he planted to earn a bit money. The guys with uniform are Chengguan. Chengguan are the people who are hired by the gov’t to make the city’s streets “clean”.

Added Jan. 15, 2011

M: I posted a photo about Chengguan on my blog. I found that a lot of people from Indians checked it.
M: I wonder if they laughed at China because of this photo, which is not what I expect.
U: i don’t know if i should laugh or cry
M: have you seen it?
M: I posted it to put pressure to our gov’t to improve it.
M: to tell our gov’t that the people know it and stop to repress those poor people.
M: India has a movie “slumdog millionaire”.  We don’t laugh at India because of it.
U: I love that movie
M: We respect it that they have freedom to publish its dirty side.
U: yes…very real
M: but I heard that it’s forbidden in Indian, but at least, it shows that some Indians have some conscience to care about their society.
U: i didn’t know it was forbiden in India
M: I saw a posting saying so. I’m not sure.
M: when you see that photo, you should think how to help him. That’s conscience.
M: (angel)
U: i wish i could help him

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