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Updates of Qian Yun Hui’s death (17): his partner and the witness were beaten severely in the detention center and the lawyers aren’t allowed to see his partner, Mr. Wang Liquan

M: I know more about the western world, more I feel that China and the western world are different.
M: it’s past midnight
U: oh right
M: Tell you some news about that case of dead village head before you go
M: ok?
U: ok
M: His best friend, Mr. Wang Liquan, it’s said he was beaten severely.
M: The volunteer lawer wanted to see him but was refused by the local gov’t.
M: maybe should say: local authorities
M: they said that Mr. Wang didn’t want to see this lawyer and hired his own lawyer.
M: can you believe it?
U: wow
U: where did you get this info
M: And that witness, he were beaten severely too. He told the volunteer lawyer that he was beat for 5 hours and hadn’t been allowed to sleep for 30 hours
M: On the Chinese micro-blog site.
M: Those lawyers, reporters, volunteers couldn’t get justice from the gov’t. They posted postings to ask the support from the netizens.
U: they will end up in jail
M: Some people could be beat to death or disabled in the detention center
M: before they went to jail.
M: the local authorities are forbidding those people to see the lawyers. Can you believe they can get justice?
M: the local authorities can put their family in the mental hospitals too.
U: i don’t have much confidence in the chinese justice system
M: sigh
M: don’t know when it is the end.
M: in the college, I had a lab partner
M: He was a Chinese. I guess his father was an official.
M: Sometimes we had arguments.
M: His opinions were very, very different from mine.
M: I hate to praise those brazen officials even though I am talking with one son of them.
U: how did you get along with him?
M: we were lab partners. We did labs together.
M: More we talked about China, more we kept away from each other, I think.
M: We made each other angry in heart. I can feel it.
M: 😛
M: We are Chinese, not many Chinese in the class.
U: i see
U: do you still talk with him
M: not much, we are quite friendly to each other, except the time when we are talking about China
M: At last, we paid an attention to avoid such topics generally.
M: I can’t bear his opinions if he speaks them out in the front of my face.
M: The opinion I dislike most is that he think that the Chinese gov’t. are raising Chinese people.
U: maybe he would try to sabatoge your lab work
M: what is sabatoge?
M: We also had opposite opinions about google leaving China
M: 😉
U: it is to wreck your work
U: or to make you look bad by doing something to your work
M: He wouldn’t do that.
M: He is a good person, sometimes, gentlemanlike.
M: one person can have several sides, right?
U: sure
U: i was joking by the way
U: ok…i need to sleep
M: ok
M: good night
U: good night
M: ((hug))
U: ((hug))

Updates of Qian Yun Hui’s death (16): his cousin stood out to campain for the new head of that village

M: but there is good news too.
M: It’s past midnight but I really like you to hear the good news
U: ok…tell me
M: about that village whose former head died under a truck.
M: remember?
U: how can i forget
M: Recently, the election was held in that village for a new head.
M: His brother stood out to campain for it
U: good
M: His brother might have won it. I didn’t follow it.
M: His father’s brother’s son (Note: he should be Mr. Qian’s cousin.)
U: as a matter of principal…the voters should have voted for him
M: ((nod))
M: When the netizens heard the news, they even wanted to go to that village to vote for him. 😛
M: that shows some hope for China’s future
M: right?
U: slowly
U: too slow
U: but eventually

Added on Mar. 11:

His cousin really won and is the new head of that village now.

Updates of Qian Yun Hui’s death (15): the netizen volunteer, Wu Gan, was taken away by the police and has disappeared since then

The netizen volunteer, Mr. Wu Gan, was taken away by the police on Feb. 10 (Beijing time), and has disappeared since then.

After Mr. Qian Yunhui died, soon Mr. Wu Gan contacted with the family of Mr. Qian, and went to there. But also very soon, he was forced to leave there. When he came back to Beijing, he still did a lot of work to reveal as much as information he got from other volunteers working at the site. And some people also gave some first-hand materials to him because they trusted him. He posted some of them along with his own words online. He found that lawyer who got a lot of money from Mr. Qian by cheating and he tried to find out that reporter from an official newspaper in Beijing … … but he was forced to leave Beijing and go back to his hometown. But Mr. Wu didn’t give up. Mr. Wu still talked about this case on his micro-blogs and insisted on doing his investigation about this case, until one day, Feb.10, he was taken away by the police in Bengbu, Anhui provice and the Chinese netizens can’t get any information about him since then and get deeply worried. Some netizens said that Mr. Wu planned to go to that driver’s hometown to do his investigation but when he just arrived Bengbu city, he was taken away by the local police and handed to the police from Fujian province.

There’s another important volunteer: a professor named Yu Jianrong. He went that village and revealed a lot of facts about the background of the event: corruption. He is still quite active on the micro-blog site, but he keeps silent to the case of Mr. Qian Yunhui. He is busy on his new campain: rescue Children beggers. Someone said that he was “adviced” to keep away from Mr. Qian’s case. A lot of netizens blame him because his campain calls the volunteers to take photos of children beggers and post online. Some netizens think that it offends the civil rights of children beggers: you can’t take a picture of someone and post it online without his/her permission. I think that Mr. Yu just doesn’t want to risk his job, his safety to do something that the gov’t dislikes. But he wants to a good person so he chooses to do something that is good to the people and also the gov’t likes.

Chinese netizens act to solve the issues as “slum dog millionaire” described in China

M: I had a few battles online these two days.
M: now, just take a break (whew)
U: about what?
M: one about a campain on the micro-blog site
M: you remember that case about that head of village, right?
U: right
M: it seems that our gov’t doesn’t like people always focus on it.
U: ok
M: that volunteer professor seems being warned to keep away from this case.
M: Mr. Yu Jianrong.
M: He really starts to keep silent to that case.
M: Then he launched another campaign:
M: taking photos of the children beggers on the streets to help them go home.
M: It’s a controversial campaign.
U: so what happened with that
M: At first, I supported it but now, I also realized that it’s not that good now, maybe we offend those people’s civil rights.
M: You remember that movie: slum millionaire in India, right?
U: yes
M: some people kidnapped some kids, made them disable and forced them to beg on the streets to collect money for them
U: slum dog millionaire
U: ok
M: yeah, similar things also happen in China.
U: yes…i feel sorry for them
M: Some people said that: just don’t give a cent to the children beggers, then those evil people can’t use those kids to collect money, so those people won’t take other people’s kids any more and those kids can go home.
M: do you agree it?
U: maybe it is good idea
M: I have been against this method. I thought that “taking photos and posting them online” campain would be helpful.
M: The fact has proved both methods are not good.
U: yes of course
M: Most of Children beggers are really poor
M: Their parents really need money for their family. If don’t give money to them, they will really go home but may have no food to eat.
M: Do you remember that 6-year-old kid with AIDS virus? He just gets about $6 a month for a living from the gov’t
U: yes…..i understand their situation
M: Now, many netizens have made comments that we should force our authorities to do something for it, not the citizens to take photos of them and post them online.
M: taking and posting their photos offend their rights.
U: yes…i remember
M: It seems that our gov’t like to make the citizens to hit trafficking to take people’s focus away from their corruption and that case of the death of that man.
U: of course
U: always inventing a distraction
M: but the people said that there are so many monitor cameras on the streets, why does it need the citizens to take photos of those beggers. the people from the authorities can see them clearly from their monitor screens.
M: see, you didn’t think of it.
U: i thought of it
U: but you just typed it faster
M: Whatever campains the gov’t launch, at the end, people found that the problem is that the gov’t doesn’t do their duty.
M: that’s the main cause of all the problems
U: of course…now you realize it
U: government is always a problem
U: too much government is a problem …i should say
M: Our gov’t is huge.