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How to Get the Wireless Work on Dell Inspiron 1501 with Ubuntu 15.10 Without Internet / Offline

1, First, use another computer to download b43 firmware into USB stick driver and drag it on your desktop:


2, click to extra the file. Now it’s folder: broadcom-wl-

3, Use terminal to write the command lines to enter the ‘kmod’ folder in the ‘broadcom-wl-’ folder. The command can be:

cd ‘Desktop/broadcom-wl-’

It depends on the location of the folders.


sudo b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware ~/ wl_apsta.o

if can’t find b43-fwcutter, go to instal CD or USB Live Driver. Under the folder pool/main, you will find b43-fwcutter, click to install it.

Then the files will be extracted and copied to /lib/firmware/b43


sudo modprobe b43

Reboot the computer, and then the wireless will be back.

It works for me 🙂

How to run Ubuntu on USB Stick Driver

I have been working on it from yesterday and I have encountered a lot of problems. I felt so desperate that I even wanted to buy a new computer. But when finally I could run Ubuntu on my USB Driver, I found it’s so easy if I did it in the right way at the beginning.

Here is the right way:

The computer is Dell VOSTRO 3560, the CPU is 64-bit Intel. USB stick driver is 7G, but I think 1G is enough.

I download ubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso from Ubuntu official: ubuntu.com. It’s for 64-bit processor.

I use UNetbootin to create the bootable Live USB driver for Ubuntu. The software is unetbootin-windows-613.exe.

Then plug in the USB stick driver, and reboot the computer. Before the windows system reboots, press F12 to enter the Boot menu.

In the boot menu, choose “enter setup”, in the setup window, click the “Advance” tab, enable “USB Wakeup Support”, then click “boot” tab, choose “UEFI” instead of “Legacy”, then exit with saving the changes.

Now return to “Boot Menu”. Now, under UEFI, there is “EFI USB1 PATH1 (General UDisk)”. Then choose it and press “enter”. A list is shown up. You can choose “Try Ubuntu without installing” or “install Ubuntu”. I choose to run Ubuntu on USB stick driver. The Ubuntu runs really fast.

I am not sure why I need to go to “setup” to repeat the stuff above for the next time I boot the Ubuntu from USB stick driver.

Below are the problems I met:

For example:

This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot – please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU.

When I chose “LinuxLive USB Creator” to create the bootable Live USB driver, I can’t find a version of Ubuntu that matches this creator. And it always shows the problem alert as above. There are some ways to deal with it according to the postings online. I have tried it. It just can run on Virtual Box and it runs really slow on my computer.

Another problem is that I couldn’t find way to boot from the USB stick driver. I found that some people had the same problem. I even installed “plop” to deal with it. The plop didn’t work on my computer properly. I haven’t found way to delete it yet. In fact the USB option is there. Just plug in the USB stick driver and then go to boot menu as mentioned above.