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What best selling items are on auction website, e.g, eBay

A simple way to make money is to buy low and sell high. A simple way to make quick money is to sell fast. Then one thing is important: buy right things with right price to sell. Otherwise, you may need a warehouse and your fund gets stuck too.

I am running online stores on eBay and other websites. It had taken me quite a lot time to find what to buy and sell online. Recently, I made a website to do this job automatically. I just need to check it now and then. It saves me a lot of time. Here I share with you.

The website address is: http://wowbestsellers.appspot.com.

Put the keyword(s) in the space and just press a button. It will list the related items the people are buying and what their prices are on the auction websites.

I made it for my online store: http://wowjustbeautiful.ecrater.com and http://myworld.ebay.ca/soooo_lovely. Welcome to take a look at my online stores too.

9 buying and selling websites like eBay

I have sold scarves on eBay for around half a year, during this period, the eBay commissions

 have grown, and met a few unhappy things there. It’s a buyer market. EBay has a lot of

users so the items can sell quick, but it’s always better if you have some alternatives.

Here is what I have found so far:

1, ecrater.com

Totally free. It’s not an auction website in fact. The price is fixed. I sold 2 items there.

2, ioffer.com

It’s free to list the items. When your item sells, the website will take commission. For

clothing, and clothing accessories, the commission is higher than eBay, I think. I haven’t

sold 1 item there so far.

3, Marketplace

It’s connected to facebook but it doesn’t belong to facebook. It’s free. 

4, etsy.com

It’s good website to sell, but it only allows users to sell vintage, self-made stuff and

supplies. The fees are low. One day, I will make something to sell there. A lovely website.

5, cafepress.com

I have never tried this one so far.

6 craigslist.com

It’s free. I have tried it. It’s messy.

7 amazon.com/ca

It’s good. I sold my textbooks there. But I can’t find how to list clothes to sell there.

8 ebid.com

I have never tried this one. I just take a look at it. It seems that the fee is lower than


9 bonanza.com

I have just taken a look at it. It shows that it’s free to list. I will try this one.

Be aware, sellers, you can lose your goods/money in this way with eBay’s “assistance”–Sell on eBay (45)

I know that eBay stands on the side of buyers, but I still got surprised with the case I met recently.

I sell my goods on eBay and ship them by regular lettermail. They are goods for severally dollars each. It’s impossible to ship the items with a tracking number with such low price.

One day, I met a buyer. This buyer gave me a trap from the very beginning and she -I guess it’s she- said she got amused. She said she didn’t want that item. I said ok. Later on, she said she liked it and made payment. I shipped the item to her at once as a regular letter mail and informed her.

Soon, she asked the tracking number. I told her it’s regular lettermail. Then, she asked again and said she didn’t received the item. I told her no tracking number. Then she opened a case asking a full refund.

I escalated the case to eBay. I told eBay the story and let eBay  to make a final decision. Almost in a moment, I received the response from eBay. They issued a full refund to the buyer. The reason is: I couldn’t provide tracking information.

It’s a regular letter mail. How to track it? In addition, I made the clear statement in the description of the item: I can’t take the responsible for the loss or damage of the item.

The case is over. It’s not much money. But I’m thinking leaving eBay. In addition, its fee is so high.

For the sellers, if you meet such a buyer, I think it’s better you just keep your item and let eBay give him/her a full refund. At least, you still have your item, even though you lose some commission fees.

Added on Oct. 28

EBay sent me an invoice and asked me to pay it. I thought that eBay issued a refund from my PayPal directly. It’s not. EBay threatened if I didn’t pay it, my priority of selling account may be removed or restricted.  I paid it but eBay didn’t return the commission fees (e.g. final fee, shipping fee) I paid to eBay about this item.

Sell on eBay (44): advertise scarves on the Internet with Adwords

I’ve made a campaign to advertise the scarves which sell on my eBay account. Later on, I received an email from Google. It says:

… …
Ad Text:

Beautiful Scarves On Sale
Low Price + High Quality + 100%
positive feedback: Chiffon Silk …

Ad Status: Disapproved
Ad Issue(s): Trademark in Ad Content

Ad Content: Please remove the following trademark from your ad:

… …

But on my Adwords account, it shows “Approved”.

Google Adwords is a good tool to advertise. You can start advertising your goods with a budget of a few cents.

Anyway, my scarves are really beautiful, welcome to take a look :P: