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“Ding Dong the leader (Kim Jong Il) is dead”. A Dingdong?

Dec. 18

U: http://drudgereport.com/
M: you have time for that?
U: your buddy died
M: who is it?
U: click the link i sent you
M: that’s great news
M: Maybe a good chance for the people in North Korea
U: yeah right
M: Let’s keep an eye on it
M: It will be interesting to follow the change in North Korea
U: it will get worse
U: already…U.S. and Korean Forces are on full alert
M: Nuclear war?
U: probably not
M: why alert?
U: because North korean just became unstable
M: I c. Some Koreans will flee to China
M: are you crying?
U: no
U: just trying to stay warm
U: i have the chills
U: slight fever
M: oh, you should go to home to have a rest now
U: at midnight
M: Your buddy has some scandel
M: that one in Russia
U: ok
U: tell me something i don’t know
M: About Putin
M: He cheated in the election
M: Russia has an organization called Du Ma?
M: like Parliament in USA
U: Duma
M: Duma released some materials to reveal that Putin cheated in election.
U: ok
U: i already know that
M: then do you think Putin will lose in the next election?
U: there were members of the communist party in the Duma that released such info
U: he will win
U: you think the russians will vote for the communists?
M: You really love your buddy
U: no
M: don’t have another one?
U: he is better than the communists
M: They only have a dictator and a communist?

Dec. 21

M: how is your buddy’s son going after his death?
U: its not my buddy
U: maybe it is your cousin
M: have you watching those people crying?
U: maybe he is your cousin
U: i’ve seen a video clip
U: quite silly
U: i suppose they were forced to cry like that
M: that’s the difference between Asia (maybe just China, North Korea) and western world
M: no, some are real
M: some people thought of the time when Mao died
M: some people really cried deadly
U: ok
U: ;( (:| ;( ;( (whew) ;( (:| |-) (worry) ;( (whew) ;( (:| 😐 ;( (:| ;( (whew) ;( (clap) ;( (:| ;( ;( (worry) (:| ;( (whew) ;( (:| (yawn) (rofl)
M: 😛
M: you know, in China (Note: now, it has been westernized a lot.), when a person dies,
M: his/her children have to cry very loudly
U: or else they die too?
M: especially the time someone visits to show his/her condolenses (Note: this word should be condolences) — how to spell that?
U: close enough
M: otherwise, they will be looked down or discussed by others
U: sounds traditional
M: yeah
U: so…then its acting
M: when I watch a funeral like that, I sympathize those crying people
U: so you cry too
M: how hard it is to cry so long time and so loudly
U: i cry when Germany loses in soccer…but never when someone dies
M: how do you show your sadness for losing someone then?
U: with sadness
U: not hysterical crying
U: When Germany loses…then its hyterical crying
U: I can understand crying over a close friend or relative
U: but not a ding dong like Kim Sung Il
M: what is a ding dong?
U: nutjob
M: i c
U: i think you secretly cried over his death when I told you about it
M: that’s you
U: remember in the movie…the wizard of Oz
U: when the wicked witch melted and died
M: 🙂
M: yeah
M: you cried?
U: all the soldiers started singing
M: oh. that’s a movie
U: “Ding Dong the witch is dead…the witch is dead…the wicked witch is dead”
M: (lalala)
M: (party)
U: the Drudge report had its headline….”Ding Dong the Leader is dead”
U: that was first class
U: great journalism
M: i saw it. that’s why people say ding dong because of the wizard of OZ?
U: its from the movie
U: and people remember to say it when such people die
U: a celebration
M: that’s the western culture. I just knew it
U: when an evil person dies
M: 🙂
M: only this leader, when he died, the countries around it, even USA, get nervous
U: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQtvBxsuSO4
U: They call me “Never Nervous Daddy Mac”
M: I am opening it
M: nice
M: there’s no place like home
M: I saw those red shoes
U: they would look good on you
M: it’s always in my magination, you know
U: wearing a blue swimsuit and those red shoes
M: I just read the book
U: you still reading?
M: No, I am looking some straw hats
U: i’m going now
M: ok
M: good night then
U: Ding Dong the workdays’ dead…
U: good night
M: 🙂
U: (hug)
M: (hug)

USA also likes to “keep stability(维稳)” like Chinese gov’t does

U: the only thing that North korea makes anymore is small weapons
M: Before I thought, only Chinese gov’t could have such a partner, and USA wouldn’t. But now, I know I’m wrong.
M: Look at USA’s partners, a lot of them can match North Korea, can’t tell which one is less bad.
U: which partners are you referring to
M: like Egypt, Saudi Arabia,  etc.
M: some of them even have slaves
U: oh…i thought you might be referring to canada
U: but not as a government policy
U: like Burma or north korea
M: just have a look at those desert countries with oil, they can kill their servants.
U: sure…because the Koran says its OK to do so.
U: its no different than China locking up people for free speech
M: USA is their friend, supporter and partner
U: so…you are saying this done in the USA also
M: what do you mean?
U: i’m not sure what you mean
M: I mean USA’s partners.
U: I’m not sure what you mean
M: USA doesn’t do that to Americans.
U: the countries you mention are partners…but strategic allies in the region to counter regimes much worse
U: Egypt and saudi arabia don’t export weapons
U: they buy them
U: you could go on and on about evil this and evil that
U: bottom line is that Muslim countries will never be advanced because of their religion
U: especially when that religion is stuck in the 13th century
U: its not because the USA endorses their behavior
U: when you talk about North korea…you must mention that they are always threatening their neighbor
U: the USA allies work to secure peace in their regions
M: your speech sounds like our gov’t’s speech: keep stability.

“there should be a lot of things which are valuable and could get with little money in North Korea now”

M: I have collected something to keep for fun.
M: I have an envelope in Mao’s time.
M: original.
M: now, the price of it should be several times of the price it was when I collected it.
U: i’m sure that would be a great collector’s item
U: lots of history
M: yeah.
M: there should be a lot of things which are valuable and could get with little money in North Korea, I think.
M: like China before it opened its door to the rest of the world.
U: maybe for persons who have a deep interest in history
U: i remember when the Soviet union fell….in the few years that followed there were many items for sell from Soviet times as collectables
M: yeah, I heard that during that time, some Chinese in Northeast China exchanged a lot of valuable stuff with general stuff from Russians.
U: you shouldn’t think that items will sell in North korea…no one has money to buy “collectables” in North korea
U: they barely have enough to buy food and clothes….sometimes
M: I mean you can collect them and then sell them to the rest of the world.
U: yes…you are right about that
M: When China had planned economy, the paintings of the artists were selled by the gov’t.
M: the price was same for all the artists’s works
M: the paintings were priced by the size
M: then, when some people went to China, they just went to buy some paintings from that official shop and then sold them aboard.
M: All their spendings for their trip to China were covered by the benefits of these tradings.
U: yes…i’m sure these works of art were pure bargains…and probably got a very good price outside of China
M: but now, China has opened its door for many years. The artists can sell their works themselves now, so the golden area is gone.
M: so, maybe North Korea has something similar now.
U: i’m not sure
M: 😛
M: you can go there to check it. 😉

What does S. Korea want?

M: The tension between S. Koreas and N. Koreas seems severe. N. Korea has taken military exercises one by one.
M: and the place is so close to N. Korea.
M: what does S. Korea want?
U: they want to show North Korea that another attack on the South and thats it….North Korea is no more
M: they killed more N. Koreans last time.
M: S. Korea is bullying N. Korea now.
M: and USA supports it.
U: South Korea is decorating a giant Christmas tree on the North Korean border
M: oh, I didn’t heard of it.
U: and the North Korean military is angry about it
M: you mean military exercise?
U: http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Asia-Pacific/2010/1223/North-Korea-sees-war-games-and-Christmas-tree-as-it-gazes-across-tense-border