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What does S. Korea want?

M: The tension between S. Koreas and N. Koreas seems severe. N. Korea has taken military exercises one by one.
M: and the place is so close to N. Korea.
M: what does S. Korea want?
U: they want to show North Korea that another attack on the South and thats it….North Korea is no more
M: they killed more N. Koreans last time.
M: S. Korea is bullying N. Korea now.
M: and USA supports it.
U: South Korea is decorating a giant Christmas tree on the North Korean border
M: oh, I didn’t heard of it.
U: and the North Korean military is angry about it
M: you mean military exercise?
U: http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Asia-Pacific/2010/1223/North-Korea-sees-war-games-and-Christmas-tree-as-it-gazes-across-tense-border

“the South Korean military estimates that 50 North Korean soldiers were killed (in this artillary attack)”

M: I have a question about North Korea now.
U: ok
M: South Korea also attacked North Korea.
M: but it seems that no one died of it in North Korea
M: is it strange?
M: 4 died in South Korea already.
U: There were significient casualties on the North Korean side
M: they like to keep it as a secret, I think
U: of course
U: the artillary guns were targeted….and most likely destroyed
U: but…the North will not report this
M: yeah, like China did.
U: but the South Korean military estimates that 50 North Korean soldiers were killed
U: we won’t see video of it
U: but the South Korean army returned fire with 20 M30 155mm mobile howitzers
U: these can level and mid-sized city in 5 minutes
U: These can level (destroy) a mid-sized city in 5 minutes
U: i personally witnessed this in Iraq

M: oh, but people only see people from South Korea cry
M: did your army level some city in Iraq?
U: no…but i witnessed a battallion (3000 men) of US Marines kill 20,000 Iraqi soldiers in 5 minutes.
U: no one wants to fuck around with US Marines

M: about 1 : 6
U: and the Marines suffered only 1 wounded
M: it must be quite terrible. all dead bodies on the ground.
U: war is hell

What will USA do about North Korea’s attack except giving that shoulder to South Korea to cry?

M: North and South Korea had a fight.
U: http://www.drudgereport.com/
M: USA supports South Korea, no doubt about it.
… News: Obama: US stands shoulder to shoulder with South Korea …
M: what will USA do about it except giving that shoulder to South Korea to cry?
U: Obama will do nothing
U: South Korea can defend itself
M: oh,it seems that submarine was really attacked by North Korea.
U: what do you mean?
M: I thought that North Korea wants to keep peace except some one offends them.
U: that was in March
U: Communists hate peace
M: yeah. I thought that North Korea didn’t want to piss off South Korea.
M: It’s said that the situation in North Korea is even worse than 1990s.
U: North Korea is a dying nation
U: in another 10 years it will be gone
M: Someone says that China raises a mad dog on front of the home’s door
U: i see…a guard dog
U: to gaurd the front door
M: a mad dog.
M: crazy dog
U: why not a happy dog
U: i like happy dogs
U: i like happy dragons

M: South Korea likes a happy dog. 😉