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Making an animation logo for the website (4): how to make a .swf file run smoothly without “allow blocked content …”

M: hi
M: I’m missing u
M: sort of
U: there is nothing to miss
U: except maybe a real man
U: anyway
U: i’m going to do an illustration of a cat
M: what do you think I’m missing u for?
U: and animated it somewhat for a logo for you
M: http://www.coolder.com/
M: I put that logo on the website.
U: questions about world affairs or english perhaps is what you miss me for
M: πŸ™‚
M: I want you to see that logo on the website and have an idea about it.
U: i don’t see it
M: why?
M: did you open the webpage: www.coolder.com
M: it’s right on the upper left corner.
U: i see the original coolder.com logo….jumping up and down
M: refresh it
M: but I’ve been seeing the new one for half a day.
U: i see one on “mia’s blog’
U: its sluggish
M: I imitated one and put it on my blog.
M: I thought if I asked you to make one for my blog, I would have to wait for other years so I just made one and put it on it.
U: oh come on
U: i’ll make one for that too
M: are you still unable to see “Coolder.com” on the coolder.com?
U: but you have to find a way to embed the swf file
U: to get the full effect
U: yes…still unable to see it
U: i see the original just jumping up and down
M: it’s strange
U: you have an adobe ad for flash catalyst on your blog
M: I made it transparent and stopped for 3 seconds between every loop
M: it’s that .gif you sent me yesterday.
U: you need to find a way to embed the swf files….GIF sucks
U: GIF is so 20th century
U: swf is happening now
M: The swf can be embeded in the page but IE will ask to unblock it before it shows the .swf file.
U: really…maybe because of a setting in the program or coding
U: you need to check it out
U: maybe a code or setting to automatically allow flash files
M: I can’t ask other viewers to do that setting. maybe they will feel the webpage isn’t safe
U: true
U: do some research…you are smart
U: you will find a solution
M: (angel)sure
U: but…if its a dreamweaver site…then it should be no problem at all to embed the swf file
U: perhaps WordPress can be a problem
M: it runs on PHP
M: WordPress also runs on PHP
U: yes…i know
M: Dreamweaver is a tool to develop.
M: The website runs on PHP.
M: do you process that yoga cat?
U: Inserting a swf file into PHP is the same as doing it in HTML. You just want to make sure you put the code outside of the < ? ? > tags.
M: yeah, I can embed it on the website. Just the viewers will have to unblock it on IE.
U: what do you mean by process?
U: find a way to change that
M: (nod)
U: i’m sure it can be done
U: then i can make some nice swf files for you
M: I thought that after “coolder.com” is written, it’s spinning into a ball, than a pig comes and kick it away….
U: why a pig
M: then you send both .swf and .gif files
M: anything
M: maybe a cat catches it and take it away
U: or a cat jumps…the text slides in under the cat…then the cat lands on the text
M: nice
U: i will be creative
M: πŸ™‚
U: i will do several different things
M: I will exchange them for Monday, Tuesday, ….

Making an animation logo for the website (3): .gif,.swf,nested animation

U: hey
M: πŸ™‚
M: how r u?
Β *** U sent Coolder.com.swf ***
U: open with flash player
U: i’m fine…how are you
M: me too.
M: that’s great
M: maybe it’s a bit too fast
M: you disappeared
U: i’m trying to figure out how to correctly make it into an animated GIF
U: i can’t get it to stop
M: oh, you mean it will loop?
U: it loops when in GIF format…but i don’t want it to
U: can you embed the swf file into your website?
M: it should have a place to configure that.
M: I can embed it .swf file into my website but everytime, the webpage is open, it will ask to unblock the .swf file.
U: i know how to make flash animations…but need to study how to embed and convert to put on websites
M: I think when .swf file is converted into .gif, you open the .gif with a gif software, you will see a series of static pictures.
M: I have downloaded such a .gif software before.
U: yeah…its really slow
M: πŸ™‚
U: so…anyway…do you want the original flash file?
U: do you have flash?
M: what flash? you sent me a .swf file, right?
M: Just now, I downloaded a easygifmaker software
U: yes…but i can give you the fla file
U: you have to open with the application
M: with what application to open it?
U: flash
M: ok. but can you send me the .gif file too?
Β *** U sent Coolder.gif ***
M: it can’t stop, πŸ™‚
U: i know
U: thats why you need to embed the swf file
M: I think I can deal with it. I just need to find that .gif software I downloaded before.
U: i will slow down the animation a bit
U: i will make more
U: i need to practice again
M: oh, is it easy to change its color?
U: i spend all day making things with illustrator and photoshop
U: but i like flash and after effects much better
U: yes…its easy to change anything
M: I like the color I used in the original ico I used. The blue color is a bit light.
M: what do you think?
U: which one?
U: ico?
M: on the upper left corner of the webpage http:// coolder.com
M: “Coolder.com”
M: that dark blue
U: purple green and orange
M: if with all three, it will be great.
M: what do you think?
U: whatever colors you like
M: πŸ™‚
U: i’m thinking about some sort of ‘nested animation”
U: maybe a butterfly
M: what’s that?
U: its an animation of an image with moving parts
U: a figure walking with arms and legs moving
U: a bird
U: whatever
U: i think a colorful butterfly would be cool
M: Undecided
U: why confused
M: Do you mean to make that “Coolder.com” looks like a butterfly?
U: i mean with it
M: I found that .gif software and it can make that .gif file stop looping now. Do you need that software? I can send it to you.
U: no..not now
U: but thanks
M: but how make it works with a hand writing icon you made already?
M: welcome
U: i don’t know
M: it’s 71 pieces πŸ˜‰
U: i know
M: it must spend quite a bit time to do so many pieces.
U: you need the adobe flash application to ‘combine’ the objects
U: 30 minutes
M: not too long πŸ˜‰
U: thats easy stuff
U: nested animation is a little more time consuming
M: oh
U: well…maybe not
U: making the object and cutting it into layers is the hard part
M: maybe when it stops, you can make it turn into something interesting.
U: but making it move in flash is easy
U: ok
U: what do you think would be interesting
M: I’m thinking
U: ok…maybe let me know tomorrow
U: i’m turning in for the night
M: what do you thinkΒ  it’s interesting? maybe a cat, a big or something lovely.
M: do you mean you are sleepy?
U: yes…very much
M: ok, have a good sleep.
U: thanks
M: welcome

Making an animation logo for the website (2): a handwriting animation

U: i am doing a handwriting animation of “Coolder.com”
M: πŸ™‚ sound great
U: but…i noticed you have a gradient background
M: what’s the different?
M:Β  maybe you can do a handwriting animation of “Mia’s blog”. Its background is white
U: i’m just wondering if the flash animation will embed with a transparent background
M: will it be a .gif file?
U: maybe .swf file
M: oh, i c
U: can i do a .gif file with flash
M: maybe you can change it to a .gif later with a .gif produce software.
M: πŸ˜‰
U: no no
U: i can export as a GIF motion graphic
M: were you offline just now?
U: seems i have only worked with SWF and FLV files
M: that’s great.
U: i had flash open and closed skype by mistake
M: πŸ™‚
M: IΒ  thought that my network had problem.
U: i can send you the file in different formats and you can choose which works best
M: that’s great.
U: i will start off by animating this into a handwritten animation
Β ***Β U sent Coolder.gif ***
U: and see how it works and then go from there
M: oh, i c. I was thinking it’s static
U: i haven’t done the animation yet
U: 60 keyframes
M: πŸ™‚
U: it will appear to look as if it is being hand-written
M: I think I know.
U: you will see tomorrow
M: πŸ™‚
U: what do you know?
M: I think the way it’s writed.
M: one stroke after another
U: erase a little bit of each letter with each keyframe
U: then…reverse then keyframes
M: oh,
U: and finally with Action Script….use the stop() command
M: oh, i c. tks
U: i had gotten into using AfterEffects that i had to brush-up a bit on Flash
U: AfterEffects would be much easier to do this
M: oh
M: 60 keyframe, it’s many
U: but the format wont work with embedding into the blog
U: maybe i will use less than 30 keyframes
U: i will see how fast it is
M: ok,
U: i can add or subtract keyframes
M: πŸ™‚
U: i want it to look normal
M: like real hand writing
U: exaclty
U: and maybe experiment with different font styles
M: πŸ™‚
U: maybe add a surprise in there as well
M: oh,
U: i feel active again so…i want to get in to it
M: πŸ™‚
M: greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat

Making an animation logo for the website (1): some thoughts

M:I’ve been thinking that you can make an icon for the website, but you are so busy.
U: what sort of icon do you need
M: on the upper left corner of the webpage, there is “Coolder.com” now. I need something better.
U: something animated?
M: yeah, it will be better if it contains the words “coolder.com”
U: of course
U: what colors?
U: warm colors won’t fit with the name
U: some cool colors with ‘shivering’Β  text would be good
M: something that’s suitable with the colors of the webpage.
M: something lovely and funny
U: maybe…COOLDER.com and a large foot comes down and smashes it
M: πŸ™‚
M: then it bounces up and the foot comes down again …
U: maybe a small figure pulling the text across the scene.
U: really working hard to drag it
U: and finally it is in place and the figure is satisfied
M: a rabbit or a pig drags it
U: then all of a sudden
M: a foot comes down
U: a large foot comes down from the top and flattens it
M: a large paw of a cat
U: maybe
U: but cats have a soft touch
M: you can made all such stuff?
U: i think its something a human would do…like a child smashing an insect or something
M: πŸ™‚
U: just the thought of something doing hard work
U: and its all for nothing
M: (nod)
U: some wired humor like that
U: it would be attractive
M: yeah,
M: sounds funny
U: i suppose i can find a little time to do something like that
U: it would be fun for me
M: tks a lot
U: and plus to have displayed on your popular website would be a benefit
M: I try to use my website to find a job. I will put it on my resume.
U: of course….it would show off your skills
M: yeah, I start to make the plugin of wordpress now. I try to change the webpage of wordpress.
M: then I can share it on wordpress.org
U: you are lucky to have such time to persue this project
U: i’m lucky to have time to eat
M: I’m quite busy too in fact.
U: i’m sure you are
U: buying a camera takes so much time
M: (mm) I will start to send resumes on Sunday, I think.
U: hopefully you can find something near where you live so it will easy to travel back and forth for work
U: i live about 2 miles from where I work
U: about 3.6 kilometers
U: i think
U: and it makes life so much easier
M: it’s not far. It’s like the distance between my home and my college.
M: oh, yours is close
M: the distance between my home and my college is further