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“the western nations are really worried about that oil in Libya … the british and Americans have warships ready and waiting”

M: πŸ™‚
U: hi
U: how are you
M: I’m fine, and u?
U: helping * with school project
M: πŸ˜›
U: i will be off and on for a little while
M: that’s ok
U: but i will try to take a look at the computer from time to time
M: πŸ˜›
U: πŸ™‚
U: be patient
U: in about 30 minutes i should be able to hold a converstaion
M: πŸ˜›
U: anyway…the western nations are really worried about that oil in Libya
U: the british and Americans have warships ready and waiting
M: Prime Minister of Britain said that Britain isn’t ruling out using warships.
U: i know
U: its the oil
M: Canada has forbidden Kaddaffi regime to get money from Canada institutions
M: Kaddafi’s day is really numbered. Almost no question about it now.
M: but U.S. old friend, Mubarack is forbidden to leave Egypt now. I thought he would enjoy his retire time in USA.
U: no way…the USA would look bad if he came here
U: Maybe Canada
M: M: The news showed that Tunisia former president’s family wanted to come here but the Tunisians here didn’t like it.
M: if I didn’t understand that English right.
M: but Mubarack was U.S.A.’s old friend
M: I have a question about English here. I want to say Mubarack has been America’s friend for 30 year long. Can I say: Mubarack is America’s 30 year old friend? How to say it in English?
U: Mubarack has been America’s friend for 30 years
M: How to speak it in another way?
M: how about this one: Mubarack, an old friend of USA for 30 years
M: πŸ˜‰
U: an ally of america for 30 years
U: hows that?
U: you there
U: hello
M: hi
M: are you there?
M: you seem quite busy: on and off, off and on …
U: yeah…sorry
U: you there?
M: πŸ˜›
M: I’m here.
M: how are the things going?
U: I’m here
U: i have to go soon
U: sorry i was too busy
U: but tomorrow I should be free
U: hello
M: hello
M: Ok
M: I saw a good test just now.
M: maybe next time
M: hi
U: good night
U: see you see tomorrow
M: see you
M: (hug)
U: (hug)

When compare Gadaffi with Mubarack, it shows there is a rule.

M: Many things have happened these days
M: Libya
M: Compared to Libya, the things in Bahrain are just a piece of cake.
U: Libya is going crazy
M: they have a civil war now.
M: will the UN send army there?
U: i don’t think so
U: why would they
M: The gov’t is killing people now.
U: i know
M: I watched the speech of that father and his son
M: They both have spoken for a long time
M: They both like rambling, right?
U: Gadaffi’s speech looked like it was staged in a studio
U: so fake looking
U: he had an umbrella
U: and he was indoors
M: do you mean he had fleed away from that city?
U: looked as though someone was drooping water to make it look like he was outside
U: i don’t know
M: oh, can the Libyan people own weapons?
U: i don’t know
M: If Chinese gov’t is killing Chinese people, the UN should do something to protect Chinese people, because Chinese people can’t own any weapon, even a big knife.
M: It seems that that son of Gadaffi said that everyone can access weapons in Libya
U: ok…i’ll take his word for it
M: It’s said that the protesters has occupied some cities next to Egypt.
U: i know all these places from studying World War 2 history
M: now you can review them
U: the battles in North Africa
U: Tunisia, Libya, egypt
U: the towns and villages
M: oh
M: the first time I saw Gadaffi. I was very impressed. He looked like a psycho.
U: he is a great dresser
U: have you seen his photos when he was younger
M: no,
U: from the 1970’s, 1980’s ?
U: very modern looking man for a leader of an Arab country
M: why does he dress like that? no, I just saw him recently and saw him tearing those papers in the UN
U: he dresses in many different styles
U: and has an Ukraine nurse/girlfriend
M: oh,
M: now he dresses a long dress.
M: maybe a gown
U: well…sometimes he sports a muslim look
M: oh,
M: He is Arab
M: If a dictator is friendly to USA, he generally can’t keep his dictationship. If a dictator keeps away from USA, even though his people hates him, he still can keep his position.
M: have you found this rule?
U: http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&sugexp=gsihc&xhr=t&q=muammar+al-gaddafi&cp=0&bav=on.1,or.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1099&bih=610
M: Like Egypt, Mubarak had been a friend of USA for 30 years but USA just dumped him like kicking off a banana peel sticked to the heel when the people wanted to overthrow him
U: its not so true now is it
U: Gaddaffi hates the USA
U: i remember when the USA bombed his palace in 1986
M: yeah, Gaddaffi hates the USA but he still can struggle to keep his postion now.
M: not like Mubarack, just had to leave
U: his days are numbered
M: πŸ™‚
M: see, in Cuba, North Korea, those dictators still keep their postion
M: because they keeps away from the USA and have their people hate USA
*** U sent 204x_mg__44987167_gaddafitunis_afp226b.jpg ***
U: see…a sharp dresser
U: because the people that live in those countries are lazy
U: because of communism
U: too lazy to overthrow their dictators
U: Cubans are very lazy
U: and North koreans are stupid
M: not lazy, because Communism dictators are cruel
U: i know
U: i know many cubans
U: they are lazy
M: not lazy at working, lazy at thinking
M: right?
U: lazy at everything
M: they work much than the people in the rest of the world.
U: in Cuba?
U: are you kidding
U: the place is flithy
M: I don’t know Cuba. In China, people work much more hoursthan the people in the rest of the world.
U: because no one wants too clean it
M: no such word: flithy
U: filthy
U: i’m too lazy to spell correctly
M: I still think that Gadaffi looks like a psycho, even when he is young
U: but he does have good taste for cool looking sunglasses
M: His dresses are quite modern, but he in those dresses still looks like an idiot.
M: πŸ˜‰
U: well…he may be an idiot
U: but he knows how to pick his nurses
M: If I was in Libya and said so, I might be executed.
U: you might have to be his nurse
M: was his nurse killed?
U: i don’t think so
M: oh.
U: why do you ask
M: Chairman Mao also had nurses
U: how many?
M: I don’t know. I had read an article in a Chinese official magazine saying that his last nurse had a husband. She couldn’t see her husband again until Chairman Mao died.
U: oh wow
U: if they ask you…would you be Chairman Mao’s nurse?
M: What do you mean? At that time, people couldn’t say no to some communists
U: when i get old …i will need a nurse
U: what am talking about…i’m old now
M: Let me tell you a real story

“all politicians are corrupt”

U: http://infographic5.com/2011/01/31/internet-censorship-enemies-of-the-internet/
M: what’s that link?
U: enemies of the internet
M: oh, i see China
U: and egypt
M: yeah. I saw a posting saying that the two top officers of France received bribes from Mubarak.
U: one day you might be one of the imprisoned netizens
M: Mubarak paid their bills for their travel.
M: I should be careful.
U: all politicians are corrupt
U: didn’t you read wikileaks
U: thats why they hate wikileaks
M: oh, our politicians are more corrupt
U: maybe
U: but all corrupt
M: I agree.
U: http://www.drudgereport.com/

Do you think there will be a big massacre in Cairo?

M: It seems that the situation is terrible in Egypt. Your Cooper was roughed again
U: poor Anderson
U: I’m watching CNN video
U: he said it was a minor incident
M: he is hiding in a hotel now. He said that he was a bit scared so that they didn’t go to the square.
U: he might end up getting kidnapped
M: like a baby goat
U: he looks like a baby goat
M: Do you think that Mubarak and his group dare to do massacre in Cairo?
M: like Tiananmen square
U: who knows what will happen
M: A person on CNN said about Tiananmen Square, journalists were kicked out, the media were kicked out, then the terrible things happened.
U: i think its the Muslim Brotherhood causing all this violence
M: Now, the journalists are targeted
M: A lot of people think that it’s from the group of Mubarack
M: on CNN etc.
U: no one really knows
U: http://en.rian.ru/world/20110203/162433368.html
M: Sometimes, people have to pay blood, even life to get freedom and rights, but sometimes, they get not what they expected.
U: yes….but do the people really want the Muslim Brotherhood to take power
M: oh, you said that they can’t compete with Isrealis army.
U: no they can’t
U: they will be taking Egypt to destruction
M: they are hardliners. Every country has hardliners.
U: yes…i want to die for Allah
M: When they get power, they might not really do it.
U: insane nutjobs
U: yes they will
M: Maybe they just want to get some supports by that slogan.
U: Israel may just go ahead and attack them
M: oh
U: the Muslim Brother said they want war with israel
U: so Israel has to defend itself
M: The group without power usually says things different from what they say when they take power.
U: i don’t think you understand Muslim fundamentalists
M: oh
M: CNN interviewed a spokesman of Brotherhood just now.
M: He said that the Brotherhood is against any violence
U: see…you are right
U: they will say anything to get power
M: oh
M: There is one who got Nobel prize in Egypt
M: how about him? He should suit the values of western world
U: he may be a good choice….but the Muslim Brotherhood is also against him
U: so…either way the Muslim brotherhood is a big problem
U: they will turn Egypt into another Iran
M: πŸ™‚
U: and if you think things were bad in egypt now….wait until these clowns take power