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Why do you people celebrate a son (Jesus)’s birthday, not the father (God) ‘s birthday?

M: by the way, do you decorate a new Christmas tree every year or just use an old one year by year? 
U: every Christmas i used a real tree
U: But this year I used an artificial tree
M: a real tree? not plastic one? oh, i c.
U: but i will throw it away and go back to using a real tree
M: for next Christmas?
U: yes
U: I love the smell of a real tree
M: will you raise it after Christmas?
U: It will normally stay up for three weeks
M: and will die
U: after so much time the pine needles start to fall off
M: oh, but if you nurture it, it will grow.
U: no…if you give the tree water it will live longer…but will eventually die
M: by the way, why do you people celebrate a son (Jesus)’s birthday, not the father (God) ‘s birthday?
U: because it has been cut from its roots
M: oh, i c.
U: Because no one knows when God’s birthday is
U: do you know?
M: yeah, I know
U: Then tell the world
M: (angel)
U: and start a new holiday
M: (mm) no one will believe me
M: they will think that I’m saying nonsense.
U: You would be surprised at what people will believe
M: so I just keep silent.
M: and won’t tell them.
M: 😉
U: yes….what they don’t know will not hurt them
U: or maybe they will try to kill you if you told them
M: :) sure

The spirit of gift-giving on Christmas

U: the last few days I was just resting and stayed away from computer
U: feeling sort of burned-out
U: but now I am refreshed
M: that’s good.
M: It’s boxing week. good time for shopping
U: I saw your blog photos
M: oh, :)
U: seems you have been out doing shopping too?
M: yeah. I went shopping today too.
M: Boxing day was very crowded.
U: yes…i understand its a big shopping day in Britain and Canada
U: in America…its the day after Christmas and many people return their gifts for exchanges or cash
M: also a big shopping day in USA, I think
M: oh, i c
M: your Christmas tree is very nice.
U: sort of strange to do so I think…It takes away from the spirit of gift-giving on Christmas
U: thank you
U: I spent the past few days at my parents and brother’s place
M: but if you don’t like the gifts you got, why not just exchange them or return them?
M: oh, that’s good to be with families.
U: yeah but….The Christian spirit is that its better to give than receive
U: i think people forget what Christmas is really about
U: anyway…sort of glad all this Christmas stuff is over
M: New year is coming.
U: its all about buying things and spending money
U: very soon
M: it’s giving, spirit of Christmas
M: right?
U: right
U: but i meant to say it is over-commercialized
U: but thats the way the world is now
M: if you don’t like, you don’t need to buy.
U: i always buy
U: and give
M: I went shopping twice, I didn’t buy much.
M: It shows you did well for spirit of Christmas.
U: i love the gifts that are thoughtful and come from the heart
U: and gifts that are creative….like yours
M: :)
M: glad to know
M: I saw a video last night. It said that not to take things that other people do for you as granted.
U: it shouldn’t be about how much you spend…but how much thought and caring went into the gift
M: yeah
U: that is true i think
M: I remember that one of my roommate has talked about another roommate. She said that she just has a high demand to other people.
M: It’s a smart opinion.
M: It helps me to understand many things and many people.
U: you have a roommate now?
M: long ago. in China
M: So when I know you said nonsense again, I think I shouldn’t have a high requirement to you and take what you do for me as granted. So, I forgive u about your nonsense.
M: :)
U: i see
U: i think i understand
U: but i’m sure it means good coming from you
U: you have a kind spirit
U: and so…i will say thank you
M: :)
U: forgive and and forget
U: its the philosophy of Christ
U: Forgive and forget
M: you always can get some good meaning from a speech. :)

Why Jesus’ birthday is celebrated on December 25th and not in October when he was really born?

U: Do you know why Jesus’ birthday is celebrated on December 25th and not in October when he was really born
M: I don’t know. tell me.
M: maybe because generally Dec. 25th is cold enough for a long holiday.
U: A long long time ago….December 25th was a major Pagen holiday….they decorated treesand exchanged gifts
U: so…the catholic church didn’t approve of this
M: oh, go on
U: so the catholics sort of took over that day and did the same things….decorate trees and exchange gifts and announced that December 25th was jesus’ day of birth….and so….that is why Christmas is celebrated on the December 25th
M: oh
U: so…it is a mix of the old Pagen holiday…and The catholics twisted view of Jesus being born on the 25th of December
M: Pagen is also a religion?
U: and it just sort took off and its just one big holiday for everyone
U: Pagens worshipped nature…the sun…trees…etc etc
M: it sounds that the catholics has more power.
M: worship nature, the sun … it sounds good. It’s better than to worship a dead person.
M: I hope you don’t mind 😉
U: who worships a dead person?
M: 😉  you know it
U: no i don’t
U: i’m lost
M: (mm) you pretend you don’t know.
U: i’m confused
M: 8-|
U: you must be talking about the Chinese people that worship Mao….i get it now
M: some people worships him in China.
U: its silly to worship a dead person
M: you know i was not talking about him. (mm)
U: its still silly to worship a dead person
U: i used to worship my pet dog…barny
U: i loved that dog
M: maybe because they think that dead person still exists in spirit and becomes more powerful.
U: who? Mao?
U: i even worshipped the Beatles at one time
M: I worship nature.

Will you spend your Christmas night in church?

U: hey there
M: hi
M: Merry Christmas
M: and Happy new year.
U: thank you…merry christmas and happy new year to you too
M: :)
M: will you spend your Christmas night in Church?
M: you are Christian. 😉
U: no
U: why do i have to the night in church?
M: Jesus will bless you there
M: where is a good place for Christmas eve and Christmas?
U: with family and friends
M: sure
M: Boxing day has some bargains
U: Jesus has already blessed…i don’t need to over-do it
M: hehe
U: when is boxing day?
M: I plan to go shopping on Boxing day, but the price of Toronto Zoo is just half that day and other places also has some discount.
M: 26
M: Will you go to see your parents on Christmas for a united meal?
U: i will go tomorrow on christmas eve
U: and maybe on the 25th also
M: oh, you and your parents are in the same city now, right?
U: yes
M: that’s great.
U: its convenient
M: will you help for cooking? or just wait to eat?
U: probablky just wait to eat
M: 😉
U: since Jesus has already blessed me I think I’m entitled to to do just that
M: hehe
M: When I come home, I always help my parents for housework or at least show that attitude. So they always think that I’m a very good daughter. :)
M: And I rarely come home, so at last they think that I’m the best child.
U: Well…I’m not a daughter
M: (angel)
U: but my daughter helps some
U: so that helps me
M: you have a good daughter.
U: and gives me the opportunity to just wait
M: you are a lucky guy. Jesus blesses you and your daughter helps you.
… …
U: i’ll try to come online tomorrow…early
M: :)
U: so…good night
M: tomorrow is Christmas eve
M: right?
U: yes
M: I will bless you at that eve (chuckle)
U: just decorate a tree…that will be good enough
M: oh,
M: will you decorate a tree?
U: i already did
U: i will send you a picture tomorrow
M: great, I will post it on the website.
U: and…i loved the photo you took and posted on your blog
U: very nice shot…i will post a comment soon
M: if you have a little more time, I give a link to you. very funny
U: ok
M: http://www.coolder.com/iblog/?p=1994
U: send link
U: 😀
U: that is great
M: hehe
U: thanks for sharing
U: ok…good night
U: sleep tight
M: welcome. good night. u 2.