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M: did you see that video that Obama kicked that door after his news conference?
U: no
U: give me the link

M: that’s funny
U: i’m sure it is
M: http://www.coolder.com/forum/1681-1-1
M: it’s from a Chinese website.
M: youtube should have it too.
U: wow
M: why wow? is it cool?
U: is it real?
M: of course
M: CNN aired it also.
U: i don’t think the video is real
M: I don’t know.
U: when did this come out?
U: today?
M: yeah.
M: I saw it on CNN today.
U: ok
… …
U: you there
M: 🙂
U: hey…watch that video again
M: what’s wrong with it?
U: at 0:09 you will see the stars on the blue flag move
U: watch it
U: its fake
M: oh, I will double check.
U: its been cut and edited
U: looks like something you can do with After Effects
M: oh, I can’t see it. I will check it again.
U: anyway…interesting
U: i will look into it some more

M: the flag is shaking
U: yeah
M: oh,
U: we will get the answer soon