This American can do Chinese Shao Lin Gong Fu with palm wind (image)

M: πŸ™‚
M: I have a very important thing to tell you.
U: and what would that be?
M: I have sent you some of your photos
U: i know
U: thank you
U: but
U: i want some of the photos with you in them
M: The photo about Shao Lin Gong Fu reminds me to teach you some Gong Fu. πŸ˜‰
M: I’m from the hometown of Shao Lin Gong Fu, remember?
U: i remember
M: There is an old Chinese saying: I may not have tasted the pork, but at least, I have seen the pig running.
M: understand?
U: somewhat
U: it is to watch the pig run
U: than to be chased by a running pig
U: let me start over
M: πŸ™‚
U: it is better to watch the pig run…than to be chased by a running pig
M: no. listen, I tell you
U: i remember being chased by a wild pig when i was a child
M: that’s nice. you even could have met a wild pig.
M: I’ve never seen a wild pig except in zoos.
M: Now, let me tell you about that saying
U: ok
M: In some way, it means, you are in that environment, you will know it somwhat.
M: understand?
U: i understand
M: Here it means, even though I haven’t learnt Shao Lin Gong Fu formally but I have been growing in that environment so I know something about it.
M: πŸ˜‰
U: ah ha
M: You have learnt some about Shaolin Gong Fu, right?
U: from watching Bruce Lee movies
U: and learned a little bit of Tai Kwon Do in the military
M: Oh, I heard that Tai Kwon Do is very brutal
U: much like Gong Fu
U: both are violent
M: oh
U: i saw Bruce Lee pull a man’s heart out of his body
U: and then he showed it him before he died
M: About Gong Fu, when you attach someone else, generally, you reach your fists and palms out, right?
U: yes…i think that is the technique
M: When someone’s Gong Fu is very good, when he reach out his fists or palms, they go with winds.
M: we call fist wind, or palm wind if translate directly to English.
U: with lightning speed
M: When I saw your photo, it reminded me of that wind.
M: understand?
U: i understand…but
U: maybe it was the wind from the lake
M: no, the wind around your hand
U: i see
M: πŸ™‚
U: we could have played more with the slow shutter speeds
U: try it at night with passing cars
M: I plan to post it on my blog saying that this foreigner can do Gong Fu with palm wind. πŸ˜‰
M: is it ok for you? πŸ˜›
U: but i’m am not a foriegner
M: This American
U: i can’t spell it correctly either
U: you should say
M: *foreigner
U: the White Lightning Tiger
M: you like this name?
U: you choose the name
U: * would be fine
M: Probably, This American can do Chinese Shao Lin Gong Fu
M: The viewer will be shocked πŸ˜‰
U: but you will mislead the reading audience
U: why shocked
U: many westerners know the techniques now
M: They will think, wow, how capable this American can be?
U: its much easier to defend one’s self by dropping a hand grenade down the attacker’s shorts
M: Let me tell you more about Gong Fu
M: ok?
U: i would love to know more
M: There are some legendaries about Gong Fu.
M: It’s said that someone can stand on his two fingers
M: Also some novels are made about Gong Fu. Those novels have made Gong Fu more magic.
M: It’s said that on the body, there are some special spots.
U: i know some of this
M: For example, if you point some spot and your finger is powerful enough, you can make him unable to move
U: can you do this?
M: no, I think probably, it’s just the story made by the writers
M: but, about Chinese Gong Fu, it said that in the body, there are some air
M: Traditional Chinese Medicine also think in this way.
U: i think if you were to learn Gong Fu…you would have stronger mind and body
M: It’s important to make the air move around the body smoothly.
U: but yes…i have seen Mr. Bruce Lee do this also
U: i know more than you think
M: πŸ™‚
M: that’s nicer to talk it with you then
M: Do you remember that novel I have told you that you were like that father in that novel?
U: i remember
U: but remind me of the name of the novel
M: The writers made a lot of stories about Gong Fu etc..
M: it’s kind of lengendaries
M: Adult’s fairy tale
U: ok
M: The writer of that novel is in Hong Kong.
M: I know you can’t remember now. I have told you part of it: A girl ran away from the home and met a boy and fell in love with, but that boy left her.
M: Her father found her and said that he would like to get him and kill him. remember?
U: yes
M: That writer is very famous. His novels have created a new world including Gong Fu.
U: how long ago did he write such novels?
M: For example, two persons both are very best about Gong Fu.
M: He is still alive now.
M: The novels are still adapted to TV series one version after another.
U: oh really
U: who is he?
M: let me tell you about those two persons
U: what is his name
M: Jin Yong in Pinyin
M: let me tell you about those two persons fighting with Gong Fu in the novel
M: they have built some inside power
M: They just sit and keep a distance from each other.
U: ok
U: πŸ™‚
M: Then they extend their palms facing each other
M: The inside power goes out and meet in the middle
M: some lightning happens
M: the one with weaker inside power will be hurt inside
M: sounds wonderful?
U: so far
U: go on
M: understand?
U: more
U: yes
M: The one who was hurt was the loser
M: He needed to cure himself
U: he was hurt from the lightning?
M: He may cure himself by himself or be cured by someone else who has inside power
M: from the power of another one’s power wind
M: It makes the air in his body or something else unable to move smoothly.
M: so he may spit blood
U: it damages internal organs
U: i see
M: probably
M: one important thing is the wind has blocked the way the air moves in his body
M: so he needs to make the way the air unblocked
M: he can use his inside power to do so
M: by sitting there, close his eyes,
M: just moving his palms
M: to make his inside power to go where he wants it to go
U: its all in the mind
U: excellent mind training
M: or someone else who has strong inside power too can help him.
M: Just palm to palm, the other one’s inside power will go to the patient’s body to make the air move smoothly
M: that’s the logic of those novels
U: can you give me a title to this novel
M: see, I tell you the most important knacks of Gong Fu
U: or translate into english
M: ok
M: let me think about it
M: The Eagle Shooting Heroes
M: are you praticing your Gong Fu now?
U: yes…i am standing on two fingers now
M: (chuckle)
M: That’s the first novel I was really interested in
M: very much
M: I read part of it in junior high school
U: how old were you when you read it
M: 11, or 12
M: The deskmate brought several to me. It’s his father’s books
M: A few thin books: volume 1, volume 2…
U: the first novel i read was “Lord of the Flies”Β  when i was 12
M: what’s that about? Fairy tale?
U: about an airplane that crashed on an island in the ocean
M: oh
U: all the adults died
M: πŸ™‚
U: and there was a class of school children on the airplane
U: and they survived
M: you would imagine you were one of them
M: right?
U: and so they ruled the island
M: oh
U: and hunted wild pigs
M: πŸ™‚
U: do you want to know where the title come from
U: Lord of the Flies
M: (nod)
U: the first wild pig they killed…they cut the head off and placed it on a stick
M: that’s brutal
U: and the leader of the children made the other children worship the pig’s head as if it were God
U: and after a few days…flies started swarming around the pigs head
U: because it was rotting
U: and so…it was the Lord
U: of
U: the Flies
M: the story probably tries to tell something to the Children like democracy or critical thinking
U: it tells that children can be as brutal as adults
M: :S
U: great novel
M: oh,
M: you like this kind of novel
M: I liked that novel. It almost brought me to another new wonderful world, full of imagination.
U: i like many kinds of novels
U: this was required reading in school
U: so…i had to read it
M: πŸ™‚
U: but i enjoyed it
M: that’s a nice novel
M: but not the type I like most
M: I like novel about Gong Fu
M: we call “Wu Xia” novel (Note: Martial Artsγ€€Novels).
M: “Wu” means Gong Fu or something like that. “Xia” means heros or some people who help the people, bring justice to the people.
U: just like Bruce Lee Movies
M: more wonderful than that
U: i’m sure they were
M: it’s a new world like a fairy tale
U: but it is all we had
M: πŸ™‚
M: it’s past-midnight
U: what?
U: already
U: we just got started
M: let me tell you the story about that writer before pig goes to sleep, ok?
U: i prefer to be called…Lord of the Flies
U: but you can call me pig if you wish
U: ok
U: go on
M: That writer’s father was killed by Chinese communist party after the P.R.C was built
M: the writer survived in Hong Kong
M: and became a famous writer.
M: In his novels, the heros’ fathers generally were killed by Han nationality.
M: and had some conflicts and depression in their minds
M: but they still tried to help Han nationality, in the other words, China.
M: Another famous writer in Hong Kong had the similar story.
M: so the people in Hong Kong probably hated the people from the mainland of China.
M: In fact, most of the people of the mainland of China just struggled to survive.
M: not hurt them.
M: you are asleep now?
U: no
U: i’m reading your words with great interest
M: πŸ™‚
U: thats it
M: When the people from the mainland of China went abroad and met the people from Hong Kong, they might feel that the people from Hong Kong were very hostile to them.
U: i thought there would be more
M: and they would think the people from Hong Kong might think the people from the mainland of China were poor so they descrimate them.
M: In fact, there may be another reason: the history.
U: history is not in favor of Han?
M: The grandparents or parents of some people of Hong Kong might have sufferred a lot in the mainland of China and fleed to Hong Kong.
M: understand?
U: yes…the main reason for going to Hong Kong in the first place
M: some might have been killed like those writers’ fathers.
U: yes…very true
M: When I read more about such things, and heard the Chinese people around saying like they were from “Heaven dynasty”, I felt awful.
U: how do you feel now?
M: I feel ok.
M: πŸ™‚
U: great
U: ok
U: i have to go to sleep
M: ok
M: good night then
U: see you tomorrow
M: πŸ™‚ see u
U: good night
U: (hug)
M: (hug)

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