When I see Wang Xizhi’s handwriting, feel like seeing Mona Lisa’s smile (images)

M: http://www.coolder.com/iblog/?p=2421
M: this one is beautiful
M: it’s past midnight.
U: yes
U: wow
M: wow for painting or time?
U: i should have something for you soon
M: great
U: both
M: :)
M: do you know screens?
U: screens?
M: about that painting.
U: screen printing
M: it can be furniture
U: we are starting a screen print procedure at CafePress soon
M: oh, I mean those paintings can decorate screens (furniture).
U: oh…i see
M: so knowledgeable
U: i know you are

M: http://www.coolder.com/forum/2056-1-1
M: handwriting
M: The author is very famous.
M: in old times
U: who is the author
M: I heard a lot of stories about him. Many people say that his handwriting is great.
M: Wang Xizhi
M: a Chinese in old times.
M: I saw his handwriting just now. feel like seeing Mona Lisa’s smile.
U: ha ha

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