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How to change Browser’s language

Sometimes, the browser can present the language you don’t know. And you can’t change it back to your language. It can be frustrating. I have tried changing preference, language etc.. But it doesn’t work for me. I found a very simple way to change the language of the webpage on Google Chrome. It is to add “hl=zh-Han” at the end of the link. According to the situation, you may need to add “&” or “?” before it.

Below are the examples:

How to Get the Wireless Work on Dell Inspiron 1501 with Ubuntu 15.10 Without Internet / Offline

1, First, use another computer to download b43 firmware into USB stick driver and drag it on your desktop:

2, click to extra the file. Now it’s folder: broadcom-wl-

3, Use terminal to write the command lines to enter the ‘kmod’ folder in the ‘broadcom-wl-’ folder. The command can be:

cd ‘Desktop/broadcom-wl-’

It depends on the location of the folders.


sudo b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware ~/ wl_apsta.o

if can’t find b43-fwcutter, go to instal CD or USB Live Driver. Under the folder pool/main, you will find b43-fwcutter, click to install it.

Then the files will be extracted and copied to /lib/firmware/b43


sudo modprobe b43

Reboot the computer, and then the wireless will be back.

It works for me 🙂