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Visit Toronto (3) : Vietnamese noodles

U: Ten-Ichi Japanese Cuisine….you ever eat here…its on Sheppard Ave.
M: I don’t know about it. I usually eat at home.
U: oh…i was just looking around at the map
M: πŸ™‚
M: will your hotel offer you a welcome meal when you check in?
U: no
U: not that i know of
U: nothing is mentioned about it
M: I take you to eat that Vietnamese noodle if you like
U: πŸ™‚
M: I have been to that restaurant once for its Vietnamese noodle. The taste is special.
M: just the tables and chairs are a bit crowded
M: The boss wanted to put more tables and chairs in it so they could contain more customers, I guess.
M: In some way, it also shows that their noodles are quite popular.
U: well..if there are not enough chairs…then i will sit in your lap
U: and i’m sure i will have chopstick in my eye soon after that
M: They have enough chairs. Just the distance between tables and chairs are small.
U: oh…so then it can be defined as “cozy”
M: oh πŸ™‚
M: crowd just refers to people, right?
U: yes…many people in one place…is a “crowd”
M: That restaurant isn’t small.
U: must be really good
M: just they want to contain more customers.
M: I have taken Vietnam noodle in another restaurant. I missed the taste of that restaurant’s noodle.
U: one thing i miss most about New York…is the vietnamese noodles
M: πŸ˜‰
M: you also miss seafood
U: yes
U: but i manage to find good seafood once in a while
M: do you like to buy some live crab and cook them to eat?
U: i have never done that
U: just dead ones
M: It’s quite simple to cook. Just wash and then steam
M: They will turn red.
U: you would turn red too if you were washed and steamed
M: My roommates did so when I was in Yantai. I have never done it. I feel it’s crude in some way.
U: its traditional to cook them that way
U: but i never have
M: * cruel
M: πŸ™‚
M: They are alive. I don’t like to be a killer.
U: i can kill fish…but anything else i can’t kill
U: i would become a vegetarian if i had to kill my food
M: πŸ™‚
U: i just think that fish be eaten by another fish anyway
U: so…why not eat them myself
M: that’s an excuse
U: a good excuse
M: πŸ™‚
U: but something like a chicken or rabbit or a cow
U: i could not kill
M: me too. I feel so sad if they are killed, but I eat their meat if they are cooked.
U: i know…if slaughter houses had glass walls…then most people would be vegetarians
M: πŸ™‚ Confucius has a famous phrase: Noble people keep away from slaughter houses or kitchen.
U: yes…its always been that way
U: they make the servants do the dirty work of killing the food
U: the same can be said of war
M: πŸ™‚

Visit Toronto (2): How to pick up someone on the Pearson airport

U: hi
M: hi
M: what time will the plane land?
U: i have been checking on flights
U: one small problem
M: oh, what’s that?
M: land at night?
U: no no
U: i have to work on May 28th
U: i can’t time off until Monday May 30
U: so
U: if its OK with you
M: oh, you can’t get Open doors days
U: i can arrive on MondayΒ *
U: it doesn’t matter
U: i don’t mind if i have to pay
M: oh, hehe
M: what time will it be? i mean, morning or afternoon?
U: ok…i found a flight that will arrive in Toronto at 11:20am onΒ *
M: oh, I think I can go to pick you if no exception then
M: I have checked the terrain a bit today
M: around airport
U: ok
M: not that difficult
U: usually the terrain is flat around airports
M: just one thing
U: what?
M: I can’t pick you at terminal. you need to have a bit walk
M: I don’t want to bring unconvenience to other drivers, you know
U: i understand
M: I can pick you at a parking lot nearby.
U: its no problem
M: πŸ˜›
U: please don’t go to much out of your to pick me up
U: don’t do anything you are comfortable doing
U: *not
U: let me start over
U: don’t do anything you are not comfortable doing
U: if you fell that its a problem to drive….please don’t drive
U: *feel
M: it should ok for me. I just need to make a detailed plan about it. I like a bit challenge but safety is always a priority.
U: of course
U: i know you are not an experienced driver
M: I can go along streets, not highway.
M: that parking lot is near the airport road.
M: a link train can get there from airport, and free.
U: its the international airport…just so you know
M: I know, I have been to the airport road, a normal road.
M: two ways road
M: just there are too many roads to terminals that I can’t understand.
U: OK…if you feel comfortable…then do what you wish…i will appreciate it
M: you should be quite patient at that time.
M: maybe you need to walk more πŸ˜›
U: don’t worry
M: I will set off early so I can have extra time to lose around.
U: its 32km from your address to airport
M: πŸ™‚
M: 60 km / hour for normal speed, right?
U: i don’t know
M: should be 50 km/hour for me.
U: so…then it will take you 3 hours to get to airport
U: πŸ˜€
M: I will bring my netbook and save detailed maps in it.
M: I should set off 3 hour earlier
U: i will print out a detailed map
U: anyway
M: We should have plan A, plan B, plan C to meet at the airport.
U: i want to experience what makes Toronto the 3rd most desirable place in the world to live
M: I will bring my telephone
M: it’s a peaceful place.
U: the plan is simple…i get on a plane and fly to toronto
M: I mean the plan about how we meet at the airport.
U: when i get off the plane…i just call…say, “i’m here”
U: and we meet
M: you should say: hi, where shall I go now?
U: ….you tell me that after i say “i’m here”
M: πŸ™‚
… …
M: I tell you plan A now
M: the link
M: plan A, I pick you here
U: You live very close to Scarborough Town Hall
U: at Village of York university?
M: not village of York university, I think
M: you are confused by that map.
U: the map you sent has point A and point B
M: that line doesn’t mean my driving way.
U: ok
M: that A, B is from that website. I don’t know why they mark them there.
U: Looks like Highway 401 goes to Scarborough
M: sure.
M: plan B, I pick you here: http://www.gtaa.com/en/travellers/airport_information/parking/cellphonelot/
M: plan C, somewhere nearby
U: its the same map
M: different place, but quite close
U: its still over 3 weeks from my arrival
M: yeah, so have enough time to prepare
U: and there plenty of time to have plan D or plan E if neccessary
M: πŸ˜‰ all the way to plan Z
U: a new plan everyday until my arrival…we will get to plan X
M: so many roads to terminal 1 on the map
U: 32 kms is not too far
M: yeah
U: i’m looking at the maps…studying
U: i will know my way around very well by *Β 
M: you will be quite familiar the area around airport
U: http://maps.google.com/
U: sorry
U: wrong map
M: I’m checking the google map too. It really helps alot
M: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=43%C2%B041’8.06%22N,++79%C2%B036’51.99%22W&ie=UTF8&ll=43.685571,-79.614441&spn=0.001422,0.002511&t=h&z=19&iwloc=addr
M: I will go to airport road from Dixon rd
U: i see it
M: then turn right at some point of airport road.
M: so should be not a big deal
U: yes…looks quite simple
M: can you understand those roads connected with Terminal 1?
U: its difficult to tell from the map
M: πŸ™‚
M: I thought the expert drive like you will think it is easy
U: this is a bird’s-eye view
U: i’m not a pilot
M: πŸ™‚
M: if you drive there, you will know for sure, right?
U: but it looks like the road that is marked with an “A” goes directly to the terminal
U: i’m sure there are marked signs the direct you to the correct place
U: looks easy
M: yeah
U: i see the terminal
U: and i looks like an exit from the highway goes directly to the terminal
U: i t look complex from above
M: maybe after I pick you, we can drive to Terminal 1 to have a look at.
U: but on the ground…the signs should give clear direction
M: πŸ˜‰
M: ((nod))
U: so…don’t worry so much about it now
U: it will be OK
M: πŸ™‚

Visit Toronto (1): DOORS OPEN and how to leave airport to Toronto

U: so…tell me
U: you mentioned about me coming to Toronto
M: about DOORS OPEN days?
U: yes
M: let me check it
M: http://www.toronto.ca/doorsopen/
U: what exactly is “open doors day”
M: It means many doors are open for free at those days, I think
U: which doors?
M: It’s an activity around Ontario
U: doors to what?
U: ok…i see
M: for example, Ontario Royal museum open on Friday 2: pm
M: for free
U: oh ok…just events and site-seeing places
M: I wonder if that sailing club will be available for free that day.
M: there is a pioneer village worth having a look at. It’s aΒ  history of European invading North America
M: And that fort where Americans and British had a fight.
U: ok
… …
M: will you take plane?
U: of course
M: I check that bus for you if you land on the airport.
U: its a long walk you know
M: You can take that bus. You just sat on that bus.
M: anyway, do as you like.
U: which bus?
M: I need to check the map. it’s TTC bus. the fare is just CDN$3
M: for one way
U: so i have to exchange US $$$ for Canadian $$$
U: i think i can do that here
M: of course. it’s better to have coins.
U: before i leave
M: I can go to pick you if you like.
M: to airport.
U: thats up to you…it won’t offend or upset me if you can’t
M: but it’s a long way for me too. Maybe I can rent a car, but it’s a big challenge for me to drive there.
U: then don’t worry about it
M: Maybe I can try.
U: no…i’m afraid it will be too difficult for you
M: πŸ™‚
M: *
M: if you have trouble, I will go to rescue you like a hero.
M: πŸ˜‰
M: you should prepare some Canadian coins.
M: to use in airport for luggage cart and phone etc.
… …