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Chinese government seems for the people from all around the world except its ordinary Chinese people

I saw a list of numbers about Chinese government. I know some are true, since the official media has reported them. I have no time and energy to prove them. Here I translate them and hope someone can prove them all.

In 2007, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail investment budget increased to RMB 220 billion;
In 2008, the central government of China launched an investment program of RMB 4 trillion;
In 2008, China cancelled of over RMB 40 billion debt of 46 countries;
In 2009, China exempted 150 debts of 32 countries;
In 2009, China’s assistance to Africa reached to the cumulative RMB 76 billion;
In 2009, China’s total assistance to the DPRK reached 800 billion yuan;
In 2009, the total purchase of U.S. Treasury bonds reached to 810 billion U.S. dollars, cumulative 2 trillion U.S. dollars;
In 2009, China’s consumption of the official cars reached RMB 900 billion per year;
In 2009, CNPC said: “one billion raise of the salary of its employees is just a little money”;
In 2009, the replacement of Shanghai’s 5000 blocks of road signs cost RMB 200 million, an average of RMB 40,000 for each block of road signs;
In 2009, China’s credit totaled nearly RMB 10 trillion;
In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games cost RMB 300 billion in total;
In 2010 Shanghai World Expo cost RMB 400 billion in total;
In 2010,the Shanghai maglev line cost 35 billion for saving 10 minutes on the road;
In 2010, China promised North Korea 70 billion investment plan;
In 2010, 12 trillion investment plan was exposed in Hubei Province.
In 2010, the five provinces of Southwest China drought; 6,000 people were affected, the loss were more than RMB 20 billion. The central government of China released a drought relief funding of RMB 160 million;
By 2010, it will spend RMB 160 billion per year to achieve an universal free medical care in China. The government said that we currently can’t afford it!

Here is the link about it in Chinese.