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Be aware that the sellers can lose money and/or goods in this way with PayPal and eBay, even lose double

I have an online store on eBay and as other sellers, I receive payment by PayPal. Recently, PayPal sent me a message saying that a case was opened for one transaction. Just now, the PayPal sent me a message saying they have let the visa company to take the payment for one transaction on eBay and the fee from my PayPal account. I

Below is the details I like to share with sellers or viewers:

On Oct. 26:

I received the message from PayPal:

You received a payment of $11.99 CAD from l* (c*.chua@yahoo.com)

Thanks for using PayPal. You can now ship any items.

Seller Protection – Eligible

Shipping address

Chua C*

61B Jalan Tua Kong


Singapore 457257

Then I shipped the item.

On Nov. 8, I received the positive feedback from this buyer.

I thought that the transaction is smoothy and finished.

But on December 29, 2012, I received a message from PayPal. It says:

Case received: Case ID #PP-*

We were recently notified that one of your buyers filed a chargeback and

asked the credit card issuer to reverse a payment made to you on Oct 26,


The buyer claims that this purchase was made without authorization to use

the credit card. Their credit card issuer needs additional information from

you about this transaction.


Please respond within 10 days so that we can help resolve this chargeback.


Then I sent the screen shot of that positive feedback and the link of that webpage to the Resolution Center on PayPal as they request and also the email they provide after I received another message from PayPal.

On Jan. 21, I received a message from PayPal:

We Are Disputing Your Buyer’s Chargeback‏

Your buyer filed a chargeback with their credit card company asking to
reverse the above payment. Although your buyer reversed this payment, we
want to work with the buyer’s credit card company to get your money back.
We are using the information you sent us to dispute the reversal.

Please note that because the buyer already reversed the payment, it has
been removed from your PayPal balance. The settlement fee the credit card
company charged for the reversal was also deducted from your account. If
the credit card company decides the case in your favor, this money will be
credited back to your PayPal balance.

Keep in mind that the credit card company determines the timeframe and
outcome. It may take up to 75 days for the credit card company to reach a
final decision. We will email you once they complete their investigation.

“CIBC does not charge fees for incoming PayPal funds”

I wondered if the CIBC would charge some fees if I transfer some money from my PayPal account to my account in CIBC bank. I wrote a letter to CIBC and got the answer as below:

CIBC does not charge fees for incoming PayPal funds. However, such transfers count as transactions on your account. Certain fees in this instance may apply.