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What if those bus hostages in Manila, Philipines, were Americans ……

M: I have another question to ask you. I’ve been waiting to ask you about it these days.
U: what was the next question?
M: About the Philipines bus hostage.
M: What would happen if the hostages were Americans?
M: Would the U.S. marine corp. take over it?
U: i don’t know… it depends on the type of situation
U: not the marine corps
U: maybe special forces
M: USA has some troops in Philipines
M: would they come to take over the situation?
M: Those polices seem quite inept
U: but those troops would not be used in a hostage situation
U: special forces trained for this situation would used
M: oh, someone said it would be the same if the hostages were from other countries, except USA
M: do you mean that USA would take over the situation with some special forces in Philipines?
U: i don’t think the hostage taker targeted the hostages because they were chinese
U: he just wanted to take hostages
M: yes
U: it could have been a group from any country
M: oh, i c
U: if a person purposely targeted Amercans then special forces would be sent in to handle the situation
M: oh, i c
M: it shows that the people’s guess is right.
U: maybe
M: seems you are not sure about it 😉
U: well…i can’t give out military secrets over skype
M: (mm)
U: it would not look good for me to give a chinese spy such information
U:   :)

U:  8-|
M: you are an American spy
U: but i live here
M: you gether information through the Internet.
U: OK…you found out…now i have to capture you and extract more information from you

M: (mm)