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“maybe this is the start of 2012”

M: What about that Kaddafi now and Japan’s nuclear plant?
U: seems Kaddafi is taking advantage of the world’s focus on japan
M: yeah.
M: He has got some land back.
U: yes…starting to use more force
U: starting to gain the upper hand
M: πŸ™‚
M: and Sadi Arabic’s army entered Bahrain.
U: yeah…whats up with that?
M: are the people rich in Sadi Arabic?
U: no
U: the royal family is rich
U: there is 35% unemployment in Saudi
M: It’s said that the Sadi Arabic donated more money than other countries when China had that big earthquake.
M: It seems quite generous.
U: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/04/Bahrain_pol_2003.jpg
M: Bahrain is a small island.
M: what will happen of Japan, anyway?
U: i don’t know…seems the nobody really understands the danger yet
M: oh
M: maybe in 2012 , every one will understand πŸ˜‰
U: they may end pouring cement into the reactors like they did at Chernobyl
U: and disabling them forever
M: that’s not a bad idea.
M: at least, they have cement.
U: maybe this is the start of 2012
M: some symptoms
M: of 2012
U: or maybe its just a large earthquake and a warning not to depend on nuclear power as a fuel source

“now, the U.S. is going to fight. Canada is following it to take care of its clothes”

*** U sent map_3_3_2011.jpg ***
U: looks like the brits and americans are going to conquer libya
M: yeah.
M: they will occupy that country and rob its oil.
M: πŸ˜‰
U: why not
M: I tell you a funny thing.
U: ok
M: When a guy goes to fight with another guy,
M: they like to take off their jackets or other outwears, right?
M: before they start.
U: i suppose
U: thats what they do on TV and in the movies
M: then if he has a follower, that follower will take care of his clothes.
M: right?
U: i guess
M: now, the U.S. is going to fight. Canada is following it to take care of its clothes.
M: πŸ˜›
M: is it true?
U: ha ha
U: very witty you are
M: when I saw that news on CBC, I thought this story.
U: very good
M: quite fun
U: yes indeed
U: ok…its late
U: thanks for making me smile
M: ok, I’m looking at that map.
M: tks you too.
U: πŸ™‚
M: you do deep research on the military things.
M: deeper than me.
M: I just enjoy the funny story about it.
U: i do research on world events that can have an effect on investment markets
U: and military events do have an effect
U: so…i keep myself informed
M: oh, remind meΒ  if you see something about silver.
U: i will
U: ok
M: ok, tks, good night.
U: good night
M: (hug)
U: (hug)

American warships are steaming toward Libya and Canadian ship also is going there

M: hi
U: hello
U: how are you doing?
M: American warships are steaming toward Libya, right? Canadian ship also is going there?
M: I’m ok
M: and u?
U: i’m fine
U: yes…i see that from news reports
U: i don’t about canadian ships
M: Wow, will the World War III occur?
U: no
M: the CBC news say Canadian ship, not warship
U: for possible evacuations
M: for human rights intervention probably.
U: could be
U: or for maybe landing troops
M: I pity Kaddafi now
U: Tripoli is same place that the germans used to land troops during WW2 to fight the british in North Africa
M: He is such a funny and optimistic guy. He said that Libyan people love him.
M: Oh, maybe Germans will be better to do this war against Libya
U: i think he is cut off from reality
M: He and his son looks so optimistic
M: confident
M: His son said they had 3 plans. Plan A, to live and die in Libya; Plan B, to live and die in Libya; Plan C, to live and die in Libya.
M: If Americans beat them, will they be executed like Saddam?
U: no plan D?
U: they might end up going to Russia
M: maybe plan D is secret
M: are you kidding or serious?
M: I hope they can find a place to live an ordinary life.
U: maybe they can come to Toronto and go sailing with you
M: (mm)
… …
M: By the way, just look at the roles America and Canada do in the libya event, it’s like: one goes to have a fight with someone, and his brother or follower goes to help take his clothes.

“the western nations are really worried about that oil in Libya … the british and Americans have warships ready and waiting”

M: πŸ™‚
U: hi
U: how are you
M: I’m fine, and u?
U: helping * with school project
M: πŸ˜›
U: i will be off and on for a little while
M: that’s ok
U: but i will try to take a look at the computer from time to time
M: πŸ˜›
U: πŸ™‚
U: be patient
U: in about 30 minutes i should be able to hold a converstaion
M: πŸ˜›
U: anyway…the western nations are really worried about that oil in Libya
U: the british and Americans have warships ready and waiting
M: Prime Minister of Britain said that Britain isn’t ruling out using warships.
U: i know
U: its the oil
M: Canada has forbidden Kaddaffi regime to get money from Canada institutions
M: Kaddafi’s day is really numbered. Almost no question about it now.
M: but U.S. old friend, Mubarack is forbidden to leave Egypt now. I thought he would enjoy his retire time in USA.
U: no way…the USA would look bad if he came here
U: Maybe Canada
M: M: The news showed that Tunisia former president’s family wanted to come here but the Tunisians here didn’t like it.
M: if I didn’t understand that English right.
M: but Mubarack was U.S.A.’s old friend
M: I have a question about English here. I want to say Mubarack has been America’s friend for 30 year long. Can I say: Mubarack is America’s 30 year old friend? How to say it in English?
U: Mubarack has been America’s friend for 30 years
M: How to speak it in another way?
M: how about this one: Mubarack, an old friend of USA for 30 years
M: πŸ˜‰
U: an ally of america for 30 years
U: hows that?
U: you there
U: hello
M: hi
M: are you there?
M: you seem quite busy: on and off, off and on …
U: yeah…sorry
U: you there?
M: πŸ˜›
M: I’m here.
M: how are the things going?
U: I’m here
U: i have to go soon
U: sorry i was too busy
U: but tomorrow I should be free
U: hello
M: hello
M: Ok
M: I saw a good test just now.
M: maybe next time
M: hi
U: good night
U: see you see tomorrow
M: see you
M: (hug)
U: (hug)