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Japanese nuclear plant crisis vs. sushi

M: about that Japanese nuclear plant, the things get serious now. same threat level of Chernobyl now.
U: yes…it turned into a big mess
M: maybe you will dream it tonight.
U: i hope not
U: i hope i don’t end up eating sushi with radiation
M: sushi isn’t good really. I had read a posting with photos long ago
M: but it gave me a deep impression.
M: Sushi isn’t cooked, right?
U: correct
M: some insects that live on that fish are still alive
M: then they will enter the human’s body and live there.
U: that is true with all food
M: On that posting, those insects entered that man’s brain and lived there.
U: so…you mean worms will eat my brian?
M: he felt headache and at last died of it. I feel so uncomfortable now since I think of that potato.
U: what potato
M: * photo
U: oh
U: well…we are all going to die anyway
U: better to die from sushi at age 80 than to die in a car crash at age 44

Those 181 workers from Japan Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant are heroes??

M: do you remember those employees who stayed to rescue that Japanese nuclear plant and we said heros?
U: yes
M: I have a second thought.
M: The things are not that simple. They are heros for their company for sure. But they are not saving the world.
M: If they just pour cement to end that plant, then the world will be safe. Now, most of the mainland of China have found the radition materials.
M: South Korea too.
M: That plant is threatening its neighbours. Maybe it’s better to end it soon instead of saving that plant to save those investors’ money.
U: they should have used the chernobyl method by now

“I think they (Japanese) want to try and save this nuclear plant”

M: I heard that, 450 U.S. millitary stuff has gone to Japan and they said that they could handle from monitor to control. is it real?
U: i don’t know…i suppose not actually being there I would have to rely on reliable information
M: I think by “control” here, it should be pouring cement etc. Japanese can do so too. right?
U: that is what they did at Chernobyl….it disable the plant forever
U: i think they want to try and save this nuclear plant
U: but as a last resort they might have to disable it
M: oh, they still want to save it. if they just bury it at the beginning, things should be easy. right?
M: it’s said that several workers have died already.
U: really…i have heard the same…but the claim is that none died of radiation
U: most likely from the explosions
M: oh, that manager of nuclear plant had admitted that the radiation can kill people.
M: so hard situation
U: yes…but here is how japanese children are told about what is going on
U: i’m not sure if this is a joke or serious
M: they try to make children understand it
U: i suppose…the poo and farting parts will definitely get a childs attention
M: I can’t understand Japanese and their culture.
U: it seems to me that the japanese make it an artform of going to the bathroom
M: maybe
U: from seeing japanese AV…i think its true
M: oh, it seems that understanding Japanese needs to start from seeing it AV
M: for adults.
M: for kids, from bathroom
U: it can be thought of as very creative form of expressing understanding
M: sounds that at least you quite enjoy about it. 😛
U: its better than watching rice farming technique videos
M: oh,
M: good for u
U: there are some that use excellent After Effects techniques….for my creative education purposes of course
M: oh, I show you some papercuts and you pick one you like most to me. ok?
U: ok
M: http://sqfqf.taobao.com/?search=y&scid=24692748&queryType=cat&scname=utrJq8%2FWtPrFybz01r0%3D
U: time to understand Chinese culture instead of japanese

Those 181 workers from Japan Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant are real heroes

Note: at the beginning, it’s said it’s 50 volunteer workers that have stayed to fight with meltdown of nuclear plant. Later one, it’s said it’s 181 workers.

U: http://www.drudgereport.com/
M: oh
M: Chinese people are buying salt.
M: those 50 volunteers in that nuclear plant are really heroes.
M: Hollywood will make a huge movie for it one day.
U: yes….a big sacrifice
U: japan is really going through really tragic….an earthquake, tsaumi, and nuclear meltdown at the same time
M: yeah.
M: it’s better to happen in Japan, anyway, right?
U: why is that?
M: they can control it best.
U: well…seems the biggest concern is the nuclear situation for now
U: i think hollywood will wait for the outcome…
M: do you think that 32 miners in Chile are heroes?
M: They were unfortunate to be buried at the beginning and fortunately rescued later.
U: the people who rescued them are the heroes
M: If it happened in the mainland of China, they can’t be recognized to be heroes.
U: the miners were simply victims
M: They are CNN heroes.
M: do you know it?
U: of course…they do this for ratings numbers
M: oh, I thought that’s Americans’ values.
U: values and ratings are two different things
U: corporations have no values…except for dollar values
M: that last president candidate is Mccain, right? he was captured in the war. I heard that he was recognized to be a war hero. Is it right?
U: yes…he survived 5 years in a vietnam prison camp
M: wow
U: not really a hero…just unlucky to have his fighter jet get shot down and captured
M: so long. he must have suffered a lot.
M: it looks that we have similar values on it.
U: who…me and you?
M: General Americans and Chinese.
U: most people generally have good values i think…i hope so anyway
M: Just Chinese gov’t and American Corporations etc. twist the image of  the people.
U: of course…i couldn’t agree more with you
M: 😛