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This is “harmonious” China (image)

According to my life experience in the mainland of China, in this photo, this peasant just wanted to sell some products he planted to earn a bit money. The guys with uniform are Chengguan. Chengguan are the people who are hired by the gov’t to make the city’s streets “clean”.

Added Jan. 15, 2011

M: I posted a photo about Chengguan on my blog. I found that a lot of people from Indians checked it.
M: http://www.coolder.com/iblog/?p=2298
M: I wonder if they laughed at China because of this photo, which is not what I expect.
U: i don’t know if i should laugh or cry
M: have you seen it?
M: I posted it to put pressure to our gov’t to improve it.
M: to tell our gov’t that the people know it and stop to repress those poor people.
M: India has a movie “slumdog millionaire”.  We don’t laugh at India because of it.
U: I love that movie
M: We respect it that they have freedom to publish its dirty side.
U: yes…very real
M: but I heard that it’s forbidden in Indian, but at least, it shows that some Indians have some conscience to care about their society.
U: i didn’t know it was forbiden in India
M: I saw a posting saying so. I’m not sure.
M: when you see that photo, you should think how to help him. That’s conscience.
M: (angel)
U: i wish i could help him

Chinese “blockbuster movie”: Demolition Army (images)

M: I introduce a movie made by a Chinese netizen to you, ok?
U: ok
U: i see you have spy gear ads on your blog
M: Some large movies start to shoot now in China, and some have been finished. Such as: Prime Minster Zhou, Mao An Qiang (the son of Chairman Mao)
M: yeah, because I post that link you gave me so it shows the related ads.
M: Founding of the Republic. etc..
M: All praise this party and the gov’t.
M: So a netizen made a movie to show the truth.
M: http://www.coolder.com/iblog/?p=2237
M: I name it “Demolition army”
U: very powerful images
M: 🙂
U: do you have the movie?
M: The things may be more severe this year.
M: no, it’s just some pictures and people jokes it’s a blockbuster movie.
M: At the end of last year, Mr. Qian died and the event became sensational. At the beginning of this year, already two died because of demolition etc..
M: Maybe more died but I don’t know.
U: really powerful images i must say
U: where did you get them
M: maybe you have seen some before.
M: On the micro-blog website.
U: some of them
U: not all of them
U: some for the first time now
M: It should be copied from another micro-blog website. People forward it.
U: i see

The death of a Chinese village head makes Chinese netizens furious (images)

In the mainland of China, we all know that we have a very corrupt government and some people with power and money can have priority over the laws. But the death of this village head still has shocked a lot of Chinese netizens.

The local authorities made a press conference and announced that this man died in a traffic accident in the morning on the road near the entrance of the village. But a lot of Chinese netizens don’t belive it. A lot of people believed that he was murdered since he insisted to petition and reveal the local government’s corruption and got furious.

This man is named Qian Yunhui, 53 year-old, the head of Zhaiqiao village, Puji Town, Leqing, Zhejiang Province. He had been put in jail several times since he kept on suing the local gov’t officers, petition etc. about corruption with his villagers, and he also posted posts to reveal the corruption of the local government but didn’t get much response for the netizens. Maybe there are too much corruption in this “harmonious” land so it’s hard to get the attention of the netizens. Until on the Christmas day, the photos of his death under a truck’s wheel have almost shocked the whole country’s netizens. A lot of reporters went to that village and made investigation and reports about it. A lot of netizens kept forwarding the news, posts about him. It’s a sensational event now.

Here is the photos about his death. Some people say that he was pushed under that wheel by several men.

I will post the photos during daytime, if you want to see them now, please click here.

Added: the photos are added at the bottom of the blog.

Here is some comments from netizens:

1, If we keep silent again, one day, it can be us under that “wheel”.
2, Head of village Qian, just go and go well. The people who killed you must get the punishment they deserve.
3, Good head of village Qian, when you are in heaven, please help us to get rid of those animals.
4, If it’s a traffic accident, why is it that the armed police came first, instead of traffic police?
Note: According to the official news, several villagers and passers-by were arrested at that time. Most likely the reason about the arrests was that those people showed that they didn’t believe this was just a traffic accident.

There is a post saying that the Zhe Qing electric power plant that Qian Yunhui has been suing has a very strong background. A son of a former high-position leader of this nation has shares of this plant. So ……

I don’t hold any hope that this man’s death can get justice under the rule of this government. I don’t think that my blog can change the things. But I still need to write this “useless” blog since I need to show that I am not one of them, I don’t support them.

At last I wish this brave man get peace in heaven.

Added on Dec. 28, 2010:

The man was under the wheel. His head and his body was separated, which can be seen from another photo, but it’s so cruel that I don’t post it here. 

Qing Yunhui’s father standing at the site was telling the other people how miseralble his son’s death was.

Qing’s 82-year-old father lying on the entrance to the village where his son died, immitated how his son died again and again. He made efforts to stretch his neck and head, and his hands was trembling.

Some people put the flowers near the site to show their respect and sadness to this brave man.

Added on Dec. 28 19:44 EST:

It’s said that a male witness was arrested, which doesn’t get official confirmed. Just now it’s reported on Dec. 29, 2010 (local time) that another female witness showed up and said that she saw three men, all wearing white gloves and black masks, two of them anti-twisted Qing Yunhui’s hands and the rest one grabbed his neck. Qing Huiyun seemed a bit coma. The witness went to dissuade them from doing this. She was pushed away. When she walked away and looked back, a truck which parked five or six metres away, drove slowly up and the three men pushed Qing Yunhui over his hands which were twisted at the back to put his neck under the wheel.  

Here is the link in Chinese: http://nf.nfdaily.cn/nfrb/content/2010-12/29/content_18839862.htm

I’m following the case on the Internet. Here is the updates:
The updates of the death of Qian Yunhui, head of a Chinese village (1) (videos + audio)