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“After so many years, KMT army are still responsible for the frontal battlefield”

I saw an impressive post about Diaoyu incident in an Internet forum of the mainland of China:

News title: Taiwan activists sent out successfully to Diaoyu Island, and Taiwan government sent warships to protect. 

Comments: after so many years, KMT’s army are still responsible for the frontal battlefield.

The background:

About the anti-Japanese war from 1937 to 1945, when I was in school, the textbook of the mainland of China said, KMT’s army were responsible for the frontal battlefield of Anti-Japanese War, but acted passively against Japan and acted actively against Chinese Communists. Chinese communist fighted against Japan in this tough situation and won the anti-Japanese war. Anyway, more and more Chinese people from the mainland of China take those KMT’s army fighting in the frontal battlefield of anti-Japanese war as heros and think that it’s those KMT that played a key role in winning the war.

Note: KMT is the ruling party in Taiwan now.

Related News:

On Sept. 13, 2010, Taiwan activists sent out successfully to Diaoyu Islands, and Taiwan government
sent warships to protect

On September 7th, 2010, two Japanese patrol boats collided with a Chinese fishing boat and Japan detained the captain and crew of Chinese fishing boat.

On September 10th, 2010, China sent a fishery ship. It’s reported that the Japanese media said that that ship returned before getting to that incident area.

Chinese netizens’ response to the incident near Diaoyu islands

The Chinese boat was seized and the Chinese captain was arrested by Japan near Diaoyu islands, which is named Senkaku by Japan,  recently. Many Chinese netizens show their angry about it.

I saw a post that’s very impressive today on a Chinese Internet forum:

Chinese people can’t protect their houses when the goverment want to demolish them; but now, they try to protect Diaoyu Islands. It’s tough for Chinese people.

It reminds me of another sarcastic comment: Chinese people have no right to see CNN but have right against it.

I also saw a post with a photo saying that three persons burnt themselves on Sept. 10 (local time) when around a hundreds of people including polices, officers went to their building to “talk with them about demolishing their building”. There are two police cars and a burning person jumping from the top of the building and some people in the photo.

It’s really tough.