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Will Japan attack on Pearl Harbor again one day?(1/2)

U: hi there
M: hi
M: how r u?
U: I’m doing OK
M: Now is Moon Festival in China
U: Yes…i know that
M: really?
M: you always surprise me
U: why do I surprise you…you should know I am the smartest person on your contact list
M: 😉
M: http://www.coolder.com/iblog/?p=1128
U: I saw the news about that Chinese captain getting a 10-day vacation in Japan…He is so lucky
M: 10 days more.
M: He had been detained for 13 days before it
M: what do you think that Japanese want by pissing off Chinese government?
U: he is probably getting to eat so much sushi
U: why was this captain arrested?
M: why does Japan want to piss off China?
U: I don’t think they want to…This captain must have broken some law to get arrested
M: Chinese fishermen alway have been fishing there.
U: Fishing where?
M: why did they do such thing this time?
M: near Diaoyu islands
U: but that is Japanese territory
M: not the reason
M: there may have something with USA
U: so the fishing boat was in USA water?
M: Fishermen from Taiwan, the mainland of China have always been fishing there.
M: Japan generally avoided to offend those fishermen.
M: but this time, it’s so different.
U: so this is unusual?
M: there may be something behind it.
M: I don’t know.
U: There must have been a serious violation for the Japanese to react in such a way
M: I don’t know. Japan and China will have a war one day.
U: If I had to choose which side to believe…a democracy or a dictatorship…i would choose to believe the democracy
U: China is not ready for a war

M: maybe not this time.
U: They don’t want a war
M: sure *** ***
U: why such a big deal about a fishing boat captian getting arrested….seems like the Chinese government is just trying to distract the Chinese people from other issues
M: The communist party got power because Japan invaded China and KMT fought with Japan and lost its force.
M: maybe, but it’s a good choice for the government to do so. No country can be a better target
U: I mean China arrests people everyday for nothing more than free speech…and so why is this such a big deal…see…You are distracted
M: If some leader wins a war between China and Japan, it would be a hero of the nation.
M: just as I said, it’s a good choice for this government to collect people’s support.
U: China will never win a war against a first rate military power in our lifetime
M: maybe not now, but you can’t say “never”
U: Chinese made weapons??? Are you serious
U: the chinese made shoes I bought are crap!
M: China isn’t strong now, but you can’t say “never”
M: it’s now.
U: so…why all the war talk
M: America was under the ruling of Britain before.
U: so…and thats a good thing
M: things can change.
M: Before Japan learned everything from China. Then it got stronger than China and invaded China.
M: One day, China can get stronger too.
M: Things wouldn’t stay still.
U: As long as there is a “people’s army” China’s military is hopeless
M: The hatred between Japanese and Chinese can be more serous between Nazi and Jews.
U: Japan has a top notch professional military…China would be no match
U: It would be like a soccer match between boys and men

M: China can wait, but China won’t forget the history.
U: Jeez…If we all dug up something about past history..then there will never be peace
U: Just relax…its just the communist government trying to get more support…its all fake
M: Germany think Nazi as a shame but Japan still worships their “Nazi”. That’s why China can’t forget the history.
U: The captian was probably ordered to get arrested on purpose for this reason alone
M: I don’t know.
U: sometimes…there is a time when you have to sit down and just think…why?
M: We are waiting to see how our government goes to respond. That’s its duty.
U: all I know is…if I go to Japan today and take pictures of a policeman….the policeman would smile. If I went to China and took pictures of a policeman in central Beijing…my camera would be smashed and I would be arrested
M: I don’t like what China looks like now, but not that serious like you say.
M: can you guess what Han han’s opinions are?
U: I’m sure he has a level headed opinion
M: what do you mean by “level headed” , anyway?
U: with an open mind and reasonable thought
M: He said, we don’t own a bit of land under our feet. Even when we buy a house, we only get a lease of land for 70 years.
M: All the land belongs to the government.
M: Those islands belong to the government. too, so let the government. to deal with it.
M: do you think it’s smart?
U: No government has the right to own land…its against nature and God’s will
M: Our government. owns all the land by the name of “country”.
U: The earth wasn’t created so some government can own it
M: that’s why we don’t * this government.
M: It owns everything.
M: by the name of “country”
M: in the name of “country”
M: by the way, “in the name of ” or “by the name of” ? which one is correct?
U: thats why this Island should not be in China’s hands
U: in the name of….but it depends on context
M: those are sarcastic speeches. you should understand it.
U: i always understand sarcasism
M: It shows that some Chinese people don’t want to follow this government’s lead and want to see this government to show its real face.
M: This government tries to make Chinese people furious so it can pretend a “nice” face to Japan. Now, some Chinese people just sit down saying that it’s the government and the military’s duty to deal with it. And the government and the millitary should get it back.
U: that would be very difficult for China to do at this point…Japan’s navy would easily block such action
U: A superb navy Japan has

M: This government always bullshits Chinese people at home. Now it will show what it really is.
U: Only the USA or Britian could match such a navy
M: then we can have a good government and then China will get strong and win the war one day.
M: Japan may attack pearl harbour again with that super navy one day.
U: a war over a small island makes no sense in the 21st century or beyond
M: then USA will need China to help again
U: why would japan want to that?
U: They are a democracy now…and not ruled by a military government like before

M: why did Japan attack Pearl Harbour?
M: It’s because of the military government?
M: no, always because of people
M: why could a military government rule a country?
U: to destroy the American pacific fleet…so there would be no opposition in the Pacific Ocean
M: It’s because of people’s character and other factors.
M: History will repeat if people forget history, which seems a well-known saying
U: But…The aircraft carriers and most battleship were not at pearl harbor at the time of the attack…so America still had a strong navy in the pacific ocean
M: that’s luck for USA. but can’t say “never”
U: and that’s why it is not wise to start a war over some tiny useless island
U: because of the lessons of history

M: why didn’t USA think so when Japan wanted Pearl Harbour?
U: Japan didn’t want pearl harbor
U: they just wanted to destroy the USA navy there
M: Yeah, they didn’t want that harbour but USA still declared that war with Japan.
U: USA had no choice
U: USA was attacked
M: that’s it.
M: now think about Diaoyu islands with the same logic.
U: but there is nothing there that is important
U: Pearl Harbor was a huge navy base
M: As long as Japanese keep those criminals in Yasukuni Shrine and worship them, the peace is temperary. Diaoyu Islands mean something to China.
U: think!!! a war over a fishing boat captian…that’s insane
M: It’s a National humiliation.
M: not now.
U: and a war that China can’t win.
M: one day , not now, and we will win!!
U: you need to turn attention back to freedom of speech on the internet in China and forget about those tiny little islands
U: what will you win?
U: freedom of speech
M: I always put freedom first, but we are talking about Diaoyu Islands now.
U: no…you will have less freedom because the government will be stronger
M: we will have a new government.
M: a good one
M: the one with which China can get strong and win the war.
U: a government that starts a war over a tiny island is not a good government
U: so…possibly a million Chinese will die in a war over a tiny island…and that is good?
M: at that time, we won’t need a war and Japan will kick those criminals out that disgusting Shrine.
U: are you going to fight in the war?
U: it is not much fun

M: I will be too old to be a soldier at that time.
U: no excuses
M: China should get strong first.
M: so not the right time for a war now.
U: let others fight and die
U: never is the right time for war

M: When China get strong enough, the war won’t be needed and Japan will get rid of those criminals from that Shrine.
M: The war is the last choice. Now Chinese government can cut off the relation with Japan.
U: bad economic choice
M: Some Japanese factories etc. poison Chinese workers.
M: We don’t need those factories. kick them out!!
M: Some electronics Japanese factories or companies make Chinese workers get lung cancers.
M: even died of it
M: Our government just like to be blind to it.
M: because they got money from those companies
U: but no Chinese companies have ever done that I’m sure
M: Some Chinese companise are not good either. The working environment for some campanies is toxic.
M: including American companies in China
M: But our government likes to force our people to shut up.
M: because the government can get tax and the officers can get bribes.
M: that’s all.
U: ok…how much will that cost?
M: We will pay much more to clean our environment if we keep them.
M: where r u? you are lost.let us have another topic.
U: ok
U: i’m here

Diaoyu Islands dispute with picture

M: hi
U: hi
U: how are you?

M: as usual. and u?
U: normal as usual?
U: normal like you

M: how do you know you are as normal as me? 😉
U: maybe not so normal…am unusual
M: oh, what happened?
M: have u heard the news about Diaoyu Islands incident?
U: no…tell me about the Diaoyu Islands…I’ve never heard of them
M: it’s a hot topic these days in the mainland of China, Taiwan, Japan
U: why so?
M: Japan arrested Chinese captain near Diaoyu Islands.
U: good
U: he was probably spying

M: maybe China will have a war with Japan again.
U: now why would china want that
M: not want to, but maybe have to
U: for what…china is jealous of japanese women
M: Taiwan has sent a few warship to that area to show its ownership
M: There are always some dispute among that area
U: why is the island so important
M: all three claim it’s their territory
U: who owns it now
M: That’s the problem.
M: Taiwan says it blongs to a county of Taiwan. China say it’s a part of China’s territory
M: Japan says it’s Japan’s territory
U: its actually called: Senkaku Islands and is owned by Japan
M: it’s called Diaoyu Islands
U: according to the map…it should rightfully be in Japanese territory
M: Japan names it Senkaku
M: why
U: very close to Okinawa
M: it was a part of China in the history
U: and because japan has bigger battleships…so its theirs
U: japan has it now
U: so…its theirs

U: such tiny islands
U: who really cares
M: China never admit it. Maybe it will result in a war.
U: well…the reason China can’t have it is because they don’t have any battleships
M: China has given out a lot of territory to other countries.
U: chinese fishing boats vs. Japanese destroyers and battleships?
U: i think Japan would win that one

M: This time, the government has to keep these islands, otherwise, it may be overthrown.
U: over some tiny islands?
M: in the past, China’s territory looks like the shape of a crest, now it’s like the shape of a hen
U: must be a slow news day
M: Under this communist party ruling, China has lost one part after another part of territory.
U: ???
M: This party has to do something about this islands to keep its ruling.
M: really, first, Mogolia
U: they took over Tibet..thats a large chunk of land
M: then some to Russia
M: some to North Korea
M: some to Vietnam
U: i didn’t know any chinese lived in these places
M: now, if it even can’t keep Diaoyu Islands, just some tiny islands
M: Chinese people won’t keep this government.
U: thats because its part of Japan and Japanese live there
M: then it will be overthrown
U: so a new government will come and start a war they can’t win?
M: Taiwan seems to have a strong attitude to this issue
M: A Chinese post even says online that they like President Ma Ying-jeou to be China’s president.
M: KMT always wants to recover the mainland of China.
M: maybe this is a chance for them.
U: good luck
M: Taiwan sent more than ten warships to that area to show their support
M: our government sent a fishery ship towards that area and returned halfway.
U: and so….what happened?
U: Japan is going to give the islands up?
M: the activists in the mainland of CHina are restricted by this government.
M: not sure now. The dispute is heating up
U: Unless Taiwan has Godzilla…I don’t think they will get these islands
M: I’m not sure. but
M: maybe they have a chance to get the mainland of China
M: just kidding
M: China had that war with Japan. a lot of hatred remains today.
U: but there should be love…not hate
M: But there are still a lot of people in Japan who praise their crime in China during that war so the history can’t be forgotten.
M: if there is a war between Japan and China, what will USA do?
U: probably give more weapons to Japan
U: and go ahead and finish off North Korea while they are at it
U: Asian problems solved
M: USA like to make fortune on the war
M: USA is good at it in fact
U: well..if a democracy is at war with a dictatorship…of course USA will defend democracy
M: but Taiwan will also be in the war against Japan
U: Japans government is a copy of USA
M: Taiwan’s government is a copy of USA too.
U: there isn’t going any war over tiny little islands
U: so just watch a movie and forget about it

M: will USA sell weapons to China if that war happens?
U: Obama might because he is a socialist…but he is finished after November anyway
M: maybe China will buy weapons from Russia
U: let me tell you a secret
U: Russian weapons don’t work very well

M: how do you know it?
U: because Iraq had Russian weapons….and when I was there we were hitting them and they couldn’t even see us
M: oh, it’s said that Russia occupies four islands from Japan, but Japan doesn’t dare to get them back
U: Those islands are war trophies
U: so…thats that
M: Diaoyu Islands were part of China before the war. Then Japan lost the war and took those islands. that’s unreasonable.
M: This communist party ***
M: since it’s born
U: i can barely see those islands on a map
U: i’m not sure i understand
M: at least, KMT fought against Japan during anti-Japanese war
M: China and Japan had a war from 1937-1945
U: Japan lost the war against the USA…not China
M: it also lost the war to China.
U: no….the surrender agreement had Japan removing its troops from mainland China
M: China was the biggest battlefield during that war
U: China did not defeat Japan
U: sorry
U: Japanese troops remained in Korea until 1948
M: if China didn’t fight against Japan, Japan wouldn’t lose the war in the fight with USA
U: and also in parts of Vietnam and Cambodia
M: Do you know why USA supported China in the World War II?
U: Japan lost the war because it surrendered to the USA after the two atom bombs
U: because Roosevelt was a war monger

M: because USA knew that if China stood in the side of Japan, USA would lose. And the whole Christian world would be defeated.
U: ???
M: It’s said that Roosevelt said that if Japan conquered China, millions of Chinese would follow Japanese to fight with USA coalition and USA’s side would lose so USA must support China to fightagainst Japna
M: More than one hundred of Generals of KMT and millions of KMT soldiers sacrificed their livesinthe battlefield and the fight was so tough in China against Japan so Japan couldn’t take more troopsto Europe or American battefields.
M: so USA’s side won.
M: and that Britain’s PM Winston Churchill was so mean.
M: you should read history. 😉
U: Churchill was a great man
U: History is a fact….USA won the war

M: He sold Polan to Hitler
U: The Soviet Union won the war
U: Great Britian won the war
U: i do know history
U: you are telling me about theories
M: Without China, those all would have lost to Hitler and Japan
U: I’m lost
M: You should take that history teacher’s lessons but you don’t know Chinese.
U: Great Britian had much to do about defeating Hitler
M: yeah, but at the beginning, it didn’t play a good role
U: The British stood up alone and took the fight to Hitler
M: it sold Polan to please Hitler and cut the supply line of KMT to please Japan
M: but Hitler still attacked Britain.
M: they had to fight for themselves
U: September 3rd, 1939…Great Britian and France declare war on Germany…fact
M: yeah, the war between China and Japan began in 1937
U: actually it started in 1933 when Japan invaded Manchuria
M: Northeast of China?
U: it was part of China
M: KMT gave it up but Japan wanted the whole China
M: yeah, Manchuria is the 3 provinces of Northeastern China
M: Western world also invaded China
M: They robbed China but they also brought the western civilization in
U: China should have built a strong navy and prevented this
M: It has a good side for it.
M: before Chinese women had to bound their feet.
M: under the western civilization’s affect, women don’t need to bound their feet.
M: that’s good.
U: so why are you complaining?
M: (mm)
M: Japanese didn’t bring any good things in. they were brutal and slaved Chinese people
U: see…now you can wear western style clothing and have normal feet
U: All because the Europeans and American had strong navies
M: That’s the good part.
M: but there’s the negative part
M: China were and are robbed
M: maybe if we have a good goverment, the things will change.
U: love is all you need
M: about healthy feet, a lot of thanks to those Chinese Revolutionary pioneers too, i.e. KMT.

“After so many years, KMT army are still responsible for the frontal battlefield”

I saw an impressive post about Diaoyu incident in an Internet forum of the mainland of China:

News title: Taiwan activists sent out successfully to Diaoyu Island, and Taiwan government sent warships to protect. 

Comments: after so many years, KMT’s army are still responsible for the frontal battlefield.

The background:

About the anti-Japanese war from 1937 to 1945, when I was in school, the textbook of the mainland of China said, KMT’s army were responsible for the frontal battlefield of Anti-Japanese War, but acted passively against Japan and acted actively against Chinese Communists. Chinese communist fighted against Japan in this tough situation and won the anti-Japanese war. Anyway, more and more Chinese people from the mainland of China take those KMT’s army fighting in the frontal battlefield of anti-Japanese war as heros and think that it’s those KMT that played a key role in winning the war.

Note: KMT is the ruling party in Taiwan now.

Related News:

On Sept. 13, 2010, Taiwan activists sent out successfully to Diaoyu Islands, and Taiwan government
sent warships to protect

On September 7th, 2010, two Japanese patrol boats collided with a Chinese fishing boat and Japan detained the captain and crew of Chinese fishing boat.

On September 10th, 2010, China sent a fishery ship. It’s reported that the Japanese media said that that ship returned before getting to that incident area.

Chinese netizens’ response to the incident near Diaoyu islands

The Chinese boat was seized and the Chinese captain was arrested by Japan near Diaoyu islands, which is named Senkaku by Japan,  recently. Many Chinese netizens show their angry about it.

I saw a post that’s very impressive today on a Chinese Internet forum:

Chinese people can’t protect their houses when the goverment want to demolish them; but now, they try to protect Diaoyu Islands. It’s tough for Chinese people.

It reminds me of another sarcastic comment: Chinese people have no right to see CNN but have right against it.

I also saw a post with a photo saying that three persons burnt themselves on Sept. 10 (local time) when around a hundreds of people including polices, officers went to their building to “talk with them about demolishing their building”. There are two police cars and a burning person jumping from the top of the building and some people in the photo.

It’s really tough.