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New Uncirculated 25-Cent Canadian Poppy Coin (2010)

The brand new coin comes with its original plastic container.
Below is what the Royal Canadian MINT’s webpage says:
Honour Remembrance Day. Collect the coin.
•A great way to say “Thank you”
•A sure and easy way to get your poppy coin
•Limited quantities (purchase limit of 2 per customer)
For all Canadians, the poppy is a poignant symbol of remembrance. By remembering the sacrifices they’ve made, we’re really saying “Thank you.” This Remembrance Day, honour every veteran and current Canadian Forces member by treasuring the Royal Canadian Mint’s new commemorative 25-cent Poppy circulation coin.

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No. 5: Canada $20 Maple Leaves Fine Silver Commemorative Coin (2011)

NO.: 114366

Mintage: 200000

• Exchange $20 for a $20 pure silver (99.99%) coin
• Strictly limited new edition
• Authorized by the Government of Canada
• Only 1 in every 175 Canadians can own one

This new Canadian silver commemorative coin is legal tender with a value of $20.

The words below is copied from eBay.ca, not mint.ca:


Mintage           Limited to 200000 coins worldwide
Composition         99.99% pure silver
Finish        specimen
Weight (g)    7.96
Diameter (mm)    27
Edge    serrated
Certificate     not serialized
Face value     20 dollars
Artist      Cosme Saffioti (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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No. 12: Canada dinosaur $4 Silver Coin – Euoplocephalus tutus (2010)

NO. 110991

Mintage: Limited to 13000 coins worldwide
Composition: 99.99% pure silver
Finish: proof (with selective aging effect on the reverse)
Weight (g): 15.87
Diameter (mm): 34
Edge: serrated
Certificate: serialized
Face value: $4
Artist: Kerri Burnett (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

Another great dinosaur discovery!

Euoplocephalus tutus is the newest addition to this series that sparked the imagination of dinosaur hunters everywhere when it was first introduced in 2007.

This large armadillo-like creature lived in Alberta between 76 and 70 million years ago. Its body was covered with bony armour embedded in its skin. Even its eyelids were covered with moving bony plates and its tail had a defensive club that was formed by four bony growths fused together. Although such extensive body armour might have given this dinosaur a fierce appearance, it was actually a slow, awkward-moving herbivore that fed on low-lying vegetation.


A selective aging effect creates a powerful impression of fossilized bones in stone. In fact, this technique ensures no two coins are exactly alike. Each 99.99% pure silver coin is unique and—with a design that was developed in close collaboration with palaeontologists at Alberta’s Royal Tyrell Museum—is an original and compelling keepsake of one of humanity’s great fascinations.

Coin design:

A Euoplocephalus fossil with its distinctive armour-like appearance.

Above is copied from mint.ca. I have this coin. If you are interested in it, please leave a message below. I will respond ASAP. 😛

“I saw a man that looks like you on an American coin.” (images)

*** U sent australia-1948-ms66rb.jpg ***
U: This one has King George VI…..from Australia
U: i like this one
U: much better than the queen
M:  why they choose King George VI? Now it’s the Queen in Britain.
U: notice the date
U: 1948
U: in coin collecting…dates are very important
M: Oh, if you want other protrait, maybe after 20 years or so, it will be prince william.
M: You sort of look like him (George VI on the coin)
U: maybe i give a speech like him too
M: maybe because you both are western people. so similar looking somehow.
U: so…you are saying we all look the same?
M: not all. but a lot look similar
U: but I have very short hair
M: you had that hair before
M: I saw a man that looks like you more on an American coin.
M: I saw it today.
U: which coin was that
M: Do you like to see it? I have to look for it now.
M: be patient, I’m looking for it
U: i have it

 *** U sent 1962 Half Dollar.jpg ***
M: not this one,  that one has very short hair
U: ok
U: i have it

*** Usent 1878mdc.jpg ***
U: this must be the one
M: 😛
M: I saw it on usmint.gov today
U: this one looks like you

*** U sent 1804_Silver_Dollar.jpg ***
M: that one really looks like you. I was so impressed.
M: but I can’t find it now
M: just a head, very short hair
M: half face
M: I thought that you both are Americans so it’s normal to look similar. no surprise.
M: 😛
M: maybe I saw it on ebay.
U: well…i can’t fine it either
M: 🙂
M: next time I see it, i will keep it.
U: ok
M: you should know which one.
U: i want to see what i look like on a coin
M: 😛
M: you will feel: am I facing a mirror?
U: oh really
U: i was searching for it
U: can’t find it
U: oh oh oh
U: wait
U: i think i did
M: I was looking for it on eBay now
U: the “* *” coin
M: custom one 😛

*** U sent IndHeadCent-design.jpg ***
M: native people, right?
U: its actually the artist’s daughter
U: dressed as native american
M: oh,
M: why do you know it? did that father tell you?
U: i studied about American coins
M: and gossips about them :P.
U: i told you…i love to collect old american coins
M: I knew.
M: but you don’t know which portrain looks like you on the coins.
U: that is your job
U: i have to go to sleep now
M: I give up now.
M: I need to go to sleep too.
U: ok then
U: we agree
M: ok
M: good night
U: good night
M: ((hug))
U: ((hug))

Added on Mar. 18, 2011: that coin is as below.