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Canada Citizenship Application (3): received an acknowledgment letter letter

On Mar. 9, 2011

U: hey there
U: what are you doing?
M: I’m watching TV and organizing my things
M: How are you?
U: i’m fine
U: and you?
M: I’m fine. thank you.
M: Today I was surprised. Can you imagine what happened?
U: what happened
M: I got a letter from CIC
M: do you know what CIC is in Canada?
U: what is CIC
M: Citizenship and Immigration Canada
U: oh…and they found out you are a spy?
M: ((mm))
M: They sent me a notice and a booklet.
M: They said I should prepare my citizenship test based on that booklet.
M: So, maybe within another 6 months, I will get Canadian citizenship and a Canadian passport.
U: great
U: then you will have more freedom to travel?
M: I thought I would wait for more than one year.
M: With Canadian passport, it will have much more freedom to travel than a Chinese passport.
M: but if I come back China with a Canadian passport, I will lose my Chinese citizenship.
M: I have planned to keep both.
M: remember?
U: oh yes
U: i guess you have to make a choice
M: yeah, it seems faster than I thought. So no time to make a good plan to realize my old plan.
M: I have a Beijing citizenship now. It has quite a lot priority in China.
M: 😉
U: well…sounds complicated
M: yeah. I will have to give up it too.
U: so…you are deciding to become canadian citizen
U: i think its a good choice
U: canadians are respected around the world
U: you should feel proud to be canadian
U: congratulations!
M: Within 6 months, maybe I will get my Canadian citizenship. Not a Canadian now.

Canada Citizenship Application (4): Photos

The original sentence is as below:

print the name of the person on the back of the photos

I look it up in an online dictionary. One meaning of the word print is as below:

print verb ( WRITE )
v [I or T] to write without joining the letters together
Please print your name clearly below your signature.

Generally, the photos can be taken in the stores with the sign “Citizenship ID Photos”. THe price is about CDN$10 plus tax about CDN$1.3 in Toronto now. Just remember not to make photos dirty. I just ruined my photos with ink.

Canada Citizenship Application (3): how to save data in PDF form

I downloaded the CIT0002E.pdf, but it shows that you can’t save form data. You must print it if you want to save the data.

There are two methods to solve this problem. I tried this one. It works just fine. The steps as below:

1, Download Adobe Pro from Adobe website. It provides 30-day trial.
2, Install it.
3, Open CIT0002E.pdf with Adobe Pro.
4, Save the file as this:
   File -> Save As … -> Reader Extended PDF -> Enable Additional Features…
5, When the new file is opened with Adobe reader, it shows you can save data form.