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How to join WikiLeaks (cablesgate)

I’m not encouraging you to join WikiLeaks. I was courious so I did a bit research. Here I share what I got and my speculation.
It’s said that last month a data package was provided on a BT website. It’s speculated that it includes those cables in full. Maybe it includes some tools to translate them into readable words. The volunteers worldwide downloaded them.

Regularly, the accounts of WikiLeaks on Twitter, Facebook etc. publish the messages about what will be published. Those messages can be notices to the public and also can be “orders” to its volunteers about what to do next.

When those volunteers get the message, they will work themselves to translate the related cables and publish them.

Those mirror of wikileaks are also the works of those volunteers. Sometimes, they share some script about how to relay documents between those mirror websites.

The power that makes WikiLeaks keep running under so much pressure is from the support of those anonymous volunteers.

A mirror website means a website has the same content as the master website.

Here is a tool to mirror a website:

How to join this WikiLeaks cyber war (Operation Payback, Anonymous)

Anyway, I’m not encouraging you to join this war. If you do it, most likely the police will get you. But, it’s good to learn something from this cyber war, such as how it works.

First, download the software: LOIC.exe. Generally, it is used to test how requests a server can respond. But people also use it to attack some servers, since when a server got more requests it can bear, it will down.

This needs a lot of people to do so together. About this ‘Operation Payback’, it’s said that there are around 4,000 volunteer anonymous cyber soldiers to send the requests with LOIC to the same server during the same period time.

Second, run it. The below is the screen shot:

Also the organizers also put some manuals about it.

Third, the organizers will put the messages about which server to attack and when etc., including the targeted url.

Fourth, when you put the url in the right space, and press the button, the software will keep sending requests to the targeted server. When the server gets more loads than they can bear, it will down.

There are another software named “botnets”. It is put in someone’s computer without the master know. When the master runs the computer, the software will keep sending requests to the targeted server. So, botnets are called virus, etc.

Where has Anon_Operation gone? (Wikileaks, Operation Payback)

Anon_Operation attacked Mastercard.com, Visa.com because they were against Wikileaks.

Yesterday, Facebook banned the webpage of Anon_Operation:

And Twitter did the same:

Where has Anon_Operation gone?

Added on 13:24 PM, Toronto

It has registered a new account. I thought they would disappear when the accounts were banned one by one. It seems that they won’t stop. This is really a war. A cyber war.

Operation Payback @Op_Payback Operation Payback

Target is: api.paypal.com _Status: seems to be down 🙂 Instructions: http://pastehtml.com/view/1c8i33u.html #ddos #payback #wikileaks  18 minutes ago