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“maybe this is the start of 2012”

M: What about that Kaddafi now and Japan’s nuclear plant?
U: seems Kaddafi is taking advantage of the world’s focus on japan
M: yeah.
M: He has got some land back.
U: yes…starting to use more force
U: starting to gain the upper hand
M: πŸ™‚
M: and Sadi Arabic’s army entered Bahrain.
U: yeah…whats up with that?
M: are the people rich in Sadi Arabic?
U: no
U: the royal family is rich
U: there is 35% unemployment in Saudi
M: It’s said that the Sadi Arabic donated more money than other countries when China had that big earthquake.
M: It seems quite generous.
U: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/04/Bahrain_pol_2003.jpg
M: Bahrain is a small island.
M: what will happen of Japan, anyway?
U: i don’t know…seems the nobody really understands the danger yet
M: oh
M: maybe in 2012 , every one will understand πŸ˜‰
U: they may end pouring cement into the reactors like they did at Chernobyl
U: and disabling them forever
M: that’s not a bad idea.
M: at least, they have cement.
U: maybe this is the start of 2012
M: some symptoms
M: of 2012
U: or maybe its just a large earthquake and a warning not to depend on nuclear power as a fuel source

What will be the outcome of protests in Bahrain

M: then what will be the outcome of protests in Bahrain πŸ˜›
U: i have no idea
M: The gunfires have been fired.
U: the population is not big enough to overthrow the king
U: so
U: maybe nothing will come of it
U: ok
U: on that note
M: do you mean the number of protesters?
U: we will see
U: yes
U: only a few hundred
M: oh, but US has millitary there.
M: why are they just watching ?
U: just a small navy base
M: oh
U: for refueling ships
U: not many troops
U: so anyway
U: we will see
U: i have to go now
U: good night
M: if they dare to do something, the king may kick them out of Brahrain
U: sure
M: ok, good night
M: (hug)
U: but…i don’t think they can kick them out
U: but we will see
U: good night
U: (hug)
M: good night
M: (hug)
U: (angel)
U: (angel)

Do you think that the oil around the world should belong to all the human being around the world?

U: πŸ™‚
U: are you in bed reading?
M: πŸ™‚
M: I just washed up.
M: may speak wrong English.
M: I mean I took a shower etc..
U: why?
U: oh
U: washed up in the shower
U: are you dressed?
M: I mean I washed myself.
M: of course.
M: So, when we say good night, I can go to sleep directly.
U: i’m usually naked when i shower
M: I have finished my shower and get dressed.
U: oh
U: how do i know for sure
U: i could be naked right now
M: really?
U: and you would never know
M: I am watching you
M: are you blushing?
U: never
M: why?
U: nothing to be ashamed of
M: really?
M: do you shy sometimes?
U: when i was younger
U: now
U: it doesn’t matter
M: πŸ˜›
U: http://english.aljazeera.net/news/middleeast/2011/02/201121714223324820.html
M: Iran?
M: We talked about what would happen in Egypt. It proved that we are right. remember?
U: Bahrain
U: a very small arab kingdom
M: oh, I see
U: it has a U.S. military base
M: it seems that U.S. military just is everywhere.
U: a large empire
M: does Bahrain has oil? or does the country around it have oil?
U: they have oil
M: wherever has oil, Americans will step in.
M: Do you think that the oil should belong to the people who live above it?
U: i guess
U: oil is what makes the world go round
U: and causes wars
M: do you think that the oil around the world should belong to all the human being around the world?
M: or the oil just belongs to some people who happen to live on the ground above it?
U: well…they have to sell it
U: or it would be useless
U: just let market capitalism do its thing
U: and everyone benefits
U: someone has to drill into the ground to get it
U: then it has to be refined
U: then shipped
U: and someone has to pay for doing this
U: and to make a profit to make it worth doing
M: Oh, then Americans control the whole process
M: Even though, it seems that those countries own the oil.
U: yes…they own it
U: but for it to worth anything…they have to sell it
M: I see. U.S.A controls all the benefits of the oil.
M: If U.S.A can’t control, U.S.A won’t keep the rules that the oil belongs to the countries above it.
M: right?
U: i don’t know
M: πŸ™‚
U: maybe you should write a letter to Obama with these questions
M: I tell you a joke about those Arabic rich persons who own oil.
M: do you like to hear?
M: I ask you those questions, you will give the same answer as Obama. I won’t need that trouble.
U: ok
U: tell me
M: It’s said that a son of an Arabic rich family went to Britain to study.
M: After a few days, he wrote a letter to his father to compain:
M: my classmates just take subway to school. Only me, driving a Benz.
M: Soon, his father sent him a letter.
M: Can you guess what he said?
U: i don’t know
M: you are so lazy. you are unwilling to guess.
U: you mean he should have given his classmates a ride to school in the benz?
M: no
M: His father said: Here is a 0.1 billion dollar cheque. Go to buy one. Don’t make me embarrassed.
U: buy a train?
M: yeah
M: It seems you don’t understand it.
U: well
U: maybe i’m a little slow tonight
U: i’m naked and its a little cold now
U: so…i will read again and maybe pick up something i missed
M: then?
U: i’m not following it at all
U: can you explain?
M: that father thought that “subway” is something more expensive than Benz.
M: He thought that his son was embarrassed by driving a car which are less expensive than others’
U: oh…i see now
U: his father was confused
U: arab jokes aren’t as funny as british jokes are
M: this joke wants to show how rich those arabic people are but they are not that informed by the modern world.
M: do you think those arabic rich people are quite knowledgeable, or just upstarts?
U: rich from selling oil
U: they would not be rich if they didn’t sell it
M: it means that they get a big share of the benefits of the oil.
M: just less than USA and other western countries