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From 11.15 Shanghai fire to China’s “digital” management

M: on Nov. 15, there was a big fire in Shanghai.
M: the death toll announced by the gov’t was more than 50
M: maybe the real death toll is more than 100
M: People are talking about it
U: but why would the death toll count be wrong?
M: maybe you know it. CNN has aired this news.
M: if the death toll is lower, the gov’t looks less bad
U: why?
M: so they can escape punishment.
U: numbers are numbers….the fire is not the governments fault
M: but people really think that the fire is from the fault of the gov’t
M: before one CCTV building got fire.
M: And other fires. A lot of people think that the materials of insulation that those buildings used are easy to catch fire.
M: But that materials are recommended in the name of country.
U: why report the fire at all if the report is not accurate?
M: it’s a huge fire.
M: a lot of people watched it and even recorded it.
M: The gov’t must say something about it.
M: Now, the local authorities arrested 8 migrant workers and said that it’s their fault. They wanted that the things can be over in this way. The local gov’t wanted to show that they have no fault.
M: the link
U: if one person dies or 200…it is still tragic and makes no sense why the correct number is repeorted
M: someone said that it’s a Shanghai version 911
M: it’s a disaster.
M: People say that those arrested 8 migrant workers are scapegoat.
M: The number means a lot in China. If a few dies, the event is not big.
M: The local gov’t can deal with it. If the death toll is high, the central gov’t will get in to investigate and do something.
M: The central gov’t likes to use the number to judge the local gov’ts
M: For example, the higher government can say a number of criminals one security bureau should catch for one year. They control and manage the lower gov’ts and even the whole country in this way, I think.
M: Then, that bureau will “catch” that number of criminals in one year, maybe more.
U: I see…sort of what is called “central planning”
M: I find a name for it: number management or “digital” management.
M: Have your opinion about China changed a lot since we talked about China so much?
M: What’s your opinons about China before and now?
U: My opinion about the government hasn’t changed
U: and I have the same opinion about the people in China

M: oh, you know how brazen and greedy this gov’t is in details now.
U: yeah…you have provided many details
M: Hanhan was at the site and spoke out the whole process of that fire.
M: Hanhan is a citizen of Shanghai.
U: oh yes…your dreamboy…HanHan
M: He said that  so called “the fire is controled”  is that everyrthing was burnt out and there was nothing to burn and the fire stopped.
M: It’s 28-level building, but the equipment couldn’t get so high for a long time.
M: So the things that can be done is watching
M: is “backward” a very negative word?
U: it depends
M: More and more Chinese people realize that China is backward
U: i suppose if it refers to the things are done.”backward”….not modern or efficient….it can have a negative meaning
M: Chinese people usually feel very good about China and themselves, like North Korea. Now, more and more people know the truth.
M: I think it’s a good thing.
M: it’s a first step to improve
M: You like to think that I hate western world. In fact, I never hate west even under that education and under that circumstance. I have always doubted about what I was poured and forced to believe.
M: Back in university, I almost was the only one to think that it’s good that USA protects Taiwan from the mainland of China when some classmates talked about it.
U: Now I know why had to leave china and come to Canada
M: en, partially
M: the gov’t likes us to leave so they can do anything they want
M: if we are in China, there will be more unstable factors.
U: so China dosen’t mind if the free thinkers leave
M: Those “5 mao”s name those people “traitors”.
M: Too many people of this kind in China now. That policy is now: if you like democracy, go to enjoy it abroad, not make troubles in the mainland of China. It’s sort of a win-win situation.
M: But, also telents leave at the same time.
M: but, it doesn’t bother this gov’t. They just want slaves and flunkeys
U: seems to work best for everyone

Nearly 100 thousands of people present their condolence near the burnt building with flowers on the 7th day after 11.15 Shanghai fire(multi-image)

Nearly 100 thousands of people present their condolence near the burnt building with Chrysanthemum flowers on the 7th day after 11.15 Shanghai fire. Here are some pictures I copied from the Internet:

And the Chinese netizen questioned that CCTV — Chinese central TV didn’t give this news a second but it gave several minutes to show this guy’s crying face. This guy is Li Gang. If you search “My father is Li Gang”, you can see his story. His son struck two students  — one died and the other’s leg was broken because of this impact, in a university and tried to speed away. When the people stopped him, he warned them: “My father is Li Gang!” 

Meantime, some Chinese netizens also asked the authorities to release those unlicensed welders. They say: it’s your responsibility. You are not willing to admit it now. Don’t take others as scapegoats and injury them.

A lot of Chinese people believe that this material as below, which was added on the wall of the building for thermal insulation based on one local gov’t’s program, results in this disaster, not welders.

Some Chinese netizens appeal to the public: migrant workers are innocent! migrant workers are not guilty! (11.15 Shanghai fire)

On a micro-blogging site, some Chinese netizens are forwarding a post saying that those migrant workers came to Shanghai, and they have been doing the dirtiest, hardest work, and gets the lowest payment. Where are the migrant workers in the picture now? Are they still alive now? Are they in jail now? Let’s appeal to the public on behalf of them: migrant workers are innocent! migrant workers are not guilty!

Below in blue is copied from wikipedia.org on Nov. 19, 2010:

The 2010 Shanghai fire was a 15 November 2010 fire that destroyed a 28-story high-rise apartment building in the Chinese city of Shanghai, killing at least 58 people with 56 missing and over 100 others injured.

… …

The investigation into the fire made a preliminary conclusion that carelessness by unlicensed welders on the tenth floor caused the bamboo scaffolding and attached nylon netting to catch fire, which subsequently spread to the entire structure. Shanghai authorities detained eight individuals on 16 November, at least four of which were accused of being unlicensed welders.

Note: here welders are migrant workers. A lot of Chinese people believe that those arrested workers are scapegoats and some officials should take the responsibility of this disaster, not those poor migrant workers.