“Yes” in Chinese means “No” in English … in some scenarios

… …
M: I tell you one thing
U: whats that?
M: about English and Chinese languages
U: ok
M: For example
U: πŸ™‚
M: If ask you: “you don’t agree on it?”,
M: if you don’t agree on it, you will say “no”
M: right?
U: i think
M: but in China, we will like to say “yes” if we don’t agree on it
U: you are getting too sophisticated with your english now
M: In our language, we say “yes” to agree the whole sentence.
M: In your language, you say “yes” to show you agree on it
M: understand?
U: i do
M: sometimes, we make this mistake when we speak English
U: i see
M: oh, I have a question here then.
U: trying to translate the proper meaning
U: just do it the english way
U: its more civilized
M: (mm)
M: Here is my question, anyway
U: go
M: when asking “you don’t agree on it?”
M: if the one nods
M: do you think he agree on it or not?
U: it dosen’t make sense
U: i’m confused
M: πŸ™‚
U: why not just simply ask…”do you agree”
U: why so many words
M: let me make another sentence to show the question.
U: in english please
M: do you disagree?
M: the one nods
U: do i disagree with what?
U: a nod means yes
U: he agrees with the question
M: same with “yes”, “no”
M: i c
M: do you remember that dog and cat story?
M: similar stuff
U: yes
M: πŸ™‚
U: (nod)
U: i agree
M: oh, if the question is “it’s not good?”
M: if the one nods, it means he think it’s good?
U: a nod would mean he agrees with the question
U: a nod or shake
U: this is too complicated
U: just simplify it
U: its easy
U: don’t over-think
M: for example, if someone asks you “it’s not good?”
M: if you want to show you think it’s good, do you nod or shake?
U: you would never ask a question like that
U: that would be a statement?
U: just ask…”is it good”
M: I need a question with “not”
U: its not good…is not a proper question
M: The question is : is it not good?
U: its not correct grammar
U: it dosen’t make sense
U: is it good
U: or
U: is it bad
U: simple
U: no need to use the word “not”
M: ok, if the question is : is it bad, you nod, do you mean it’s bad or not
U: a nod means yes
M: it means “it’s bad”?
M: (whew)
U: if thats the question
M: if the question is : is it not black?
M: you nod
M: it’s black or not?
U: see…you are using “not” again
U: not correct
U: she’s not answering
M: oh
U: she’s not wearing make-up
U: he did not tie his shoe
U: its a statement
U: not a question
M: the question is: it’s not black, is it? if you nod, what do you mean?
U: is it black?
M:Β  πŸ™‚
U: stop using “not” in the form of a question
M: oh
U: remember…simplify
M: if someone say: oh you don’t like it, you nod, what do you mean then?
U: it means you don’t like it
U: or
U: you are thinking too deep for me now
U: where do you get this?
M: if you say yes, do you mean you like it or not?
U: i don’t know
U: its too confusing
M: if someone say: oh, you don’t like it, you say “yes”
M: then you mean you like it or not?
U: the person should give an answer as to whether they like it or not
M: that’s secure
U: whats up with all the nodding stuff?
M: πŸ˜›
U: speak!
M: πŸ˜‰
M: ok, it’s quite late
U: yes
M: will you go to sleep?
U: of course
M: oh
M: good night then
U: good night to you too…not
M: πŸ˜‰
U: do you not think i am going to sleep?
M: (whew)
U: see..its confusing
U: but…yes
M: πŸ™‚
U: i am going to sleep
U: good night
M: πŸ™‚
M: g9
U: (hug)
U: (hug)

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