Philipines hostage drama: we should help them improve, not hate them

On Aug. 23, 9 Hong Kongers were killed in a hijacked tourist bus in Manila, Philipines. It seems obvious that the Philipines’ government and police force is inept and should take the responsibility for the bloody end.

Since then, a lot of Chinese, especially Hong Kongers, got furious. I can’t understand the words of Cantonese so I’m not sure what Hong Kongers post about it. On a online forum in the mainland of China, some people poured dirty words to Philipines, and even other Chinese people who may just not show praise to their “anger” , which is another kidnapping in some way. I can’t agree with those Philipines, but I can’t agree with those Chinese people either since I can’t see the difference between both.

Luckly, I found some responses from Chinese that inspire me. Here I list 3:

It’s the first time that all the Chinese people can blame a corrupt government together in public.

When I saw Philipines taking photos before that hijacked tourist bus, I thought of our responses to 911 in USA.

It’s not about discrimination against Chinese. It’ll be the same to the people from any other country except USA. The government is corrupt and their police force is inept. That country depends on their girls being maid abroad. We should help them improve, not hate them.

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