The Philippines are worse

I knew the Philippines a little before. I just knew it has a democratic political system, I even sort of admire this country for it, and before it was even better than Singapore. Someone said that Chinese people pay much attention to Europe and America, and like to ignore the countries in Southeastern of Asia. Someone said that Tailand is better than China. Those opinions make me think that maybe those countries’ governments are better than Chinese government and people there are better. But I have no time to do some research about it.

Now a lot of Chinese focus on Philipine, a small Southeastern country because on 23, Aug., in Manila, eight Hong Kong turists were killed in a hostage crisis on a tourist bus. That day, I’ve been watching USA’s History channel and missed the live news about it. But on the micro-blogging site, there are so many posts about that.

I saw some vedios about it online later. I went to see the comments of the news… … Here is my impression: they are worse. Not to mention how incapable their polices, their government are, at least, their president can show a serious face, not a cheekily face before the media after so many innocent people were killed.

Especially a comment from a Philipine (I guess the poster is from Philipine). He just shows how he hates China under the news about this tragedy. At least, if he doesn’t feel sorry about it, he can keep silence. Anyway, he can hate China if he likes, but such hatred generally shows one’s inability.

Generally Hong Kongers are quite generous and compassionate. And they have denoted a lot of money etc. to assist Philipines. Now, the Philipines treat those people in this way.

I always think that Chinese government and Chinese people have so many problem. Now, I feel that the Philipines are worse.

Someone said that if those hostage are Americans, the U.S. Marine Corps located in the Philipines will take over it by themselves. I don’t know. When I have a chance, I will check it. More and more I learn about the world, more and more I feel that U.S.A. is so capable.

China is a third-world country, but the Chinese official media likes to close the door and talk big at home to make peple feel that China is the first or second country in the world. It’s not good. If one tries to catch up with another one, first, they should know the gap between each other. I hate Chinese government fooling Chinese people for keeping its power.

My condolense goes to those Hong Kongers and their family.

Some hostages were killed on that bus in the pictures. Anyway, those Philippines really “impress” me.

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