A discovery about investment: dinosaur silver coin (images)

U: hi
M: hi
M: how r u?
U: and you?
U: good
M: good. tks
M: Do you like to see my discovery about investment?
U: i would love to
M: 😛
M: http://coins.shop.ebay.ca/i.html?_nkw=Dinosaur&_sacat=3379&_odkw=2010&_osacat=3379&_trksid=p3286.c0.m270.l1313
M: dinosaur silver coins
U: The prices are relatively high

M: http://www.mint.ca/store/coin/4-silver-coin-euoplocephalus-tutus-2010-prod980008
U: must be a hot collectors item
M: on mint.ca, $4 Silver Coin – Euoplocephalus tutus (2010) is just 49.95 CAD
M: another one in 2010 is just about 42 CAD.
U: very attractive coins
M: five in total for this series
M: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 (2)
M: you like dinosaur? or its price is attractive?
M: I’m not like dinosaur that much, but the rising rate of its price is attractive.
U: yeah…i agree
M: 😛
U: it seems that the price is going up
M: yeah. if you buy now, next year, it may be doubled.
U: sure
U: a very good chance this will happen
M: I ordered three today 😉
M: If the price is going down, I can give them to my nephews etc. as gifts.
M: If the price is going up, I will sell them.
M: is it a wonderful idea? 😛
U: its a great idea
M: 😛
U: coins make good investments and wonderful gifts
M: I don’t know why so many people like dinosaur so much.
U: yeah…that is confusing to me too
M: 😛
U: but…it does make it very unique
U: never thought about dinosaurs on coins before
M: When I first saw that coin, I thought it’s ugly. Then, I saw the price is going up so fast.
M: I think it may be a lovely animal, lovely enough to help me make some money.
U: my first thoughts exactly
M: ((handshake))
M: Have I shown you that “winter scene” coin?
U: no…show me
M: It’s in “last chance” link now.
U: now you have looking at these coins
M: http://www.mint.ca/store/coin/20-sterling-silver-coin-winter-scene-2011-prod1030003
M: very popular. sell very quick
U: You know the art on the reverse side of these coins are great…but that portrait of Queen Elizabeth are horrible
M: I agree
M: if it’s a maple leaf or a beaver, it may be better
U: i mean…they should replace it with the maple leaf or beaver
M: we say the same things 😛
U: wow
M: maybe a baby seal
U: please…they club them
M: with a bar on its head
M: or a stick
U: i know
M: “winter scene” can is a great choice to show the history of Canada
M: not “can is”
M: just “is”
U: i understand
M: maybe you can buy these two coins for your collection
U: i could decipher what you meant
M: one for investment, one for collection.
U: i don’t like the Queens portrait
M: You don’t like dinosaur too, but now you like it.
M: why the Queen protrait can’t?
U: i didn’t say i like it…i said its unique
M: ((mm))
M: Almost every coin has that portrait.

*** U sent australia-1948-ms66rb.jpg ***
U: This one has King George VI…..from Australia
U: i like this one
U: much better than the queen
M:  why they choose King George VI? Now it’s the Queen in Britain.
U: notice the date
U: 1948
… …

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