Gold, silver’s price is going up as fast as the real estate, even faster

M: people won’t use them if they are allowed to use them, I think.
M: They would prefer to keep them.
U: just something to show you…silver and gold could be a good investment
M: oh, I see.
U: seems you are on the right path
M: My instinct usually is quite right.
U: i trust your instinct
M: 😛
M: I usually don’t buy a lot so whatever it goes up or down won’t affect my emotion very much.
U: good choice
U: build it up slowly
M: If they goes down, I would put them aside. I also delt with my stock investment in this way before.
U: you seem very wise in this aspect
M: If they goes up, I’m pleased too. I’m easy to feel satisfied.
U: makes for a bit of excitment
M: Chinese people like to complain that the real estate price have been going up too fast. but it is slower than the rate of the gold price.
M: oh, almost the same
U: i think you have great knowledge of investment
M: really?
U: perhaps i can ask you for advise
M: I will give you my advise based on my instinct.
M: Intuition
M: intuition, not instint, sorry
U: more or less…the same thing
M: oh, that’s good.
M: How is Kaddafi going?
U: he is still alive
U: so…doing ok i suppose

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