Will it be “5 Chinese yuan exchanges 1 US dollar” one day?

M: There is another G20 after 2010 G20 in Toronto?
U: are you asking?
M: yeah
U: maybe in 8 or 10 years there will be
U: they like to spread such nonsense around
M: oh
M: I heard that China has withdrawn in the currency totally.
M: The value of RMB will go up.
U: thats what the rest of the world wants
U: for the china currency to traded on the open market
M: the inflation in China is very severe now. It will be worse
M: will it be 5 RMB to 1 US dollar one day?
U: no…if the currency value increases…then inflation will go down
M: the value increases to the foreign currency but the value will decrease within China
U: are you worried about such currency fluctuations?
M: not much for myself.
U: are your investments at risk?
M: it can be the good news for me if the value of RMB goes up.
M: But it’s not good for Chinese people.
U: good and bad
U: less inflation
M: If the values goes up enough, I can sell out my apartment.
U: sure
U: see
U: it will be good for you
M: yeah, but not good for my family. They are in China.
U: see…good and bad
U: maybe they can move to toronto with you
M: 😛
M: but it’s enough for only one who is jobless. If all the family are jobless, it will be terrible. 😉
U: but you won’t be jobless
U: perhaps you will become an eBay guru
M: Well, thank you.
U: it could happen
M: I plan to do some research about Stock Market in North American
U: the journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step
M: If I sell out my apartment, I will have some money to invest
U: sure
M: I have started a few journeys, all just one small step so far.
U: but…if another financial crises occurs
U: be careful
U: Gold is safe
U: maybe
U: it is very high now
U: but i think will lose value soon
U: oil is a good investment
U: now
M: It’s said that generally, if God goes high, the US dollars will goes down. or reverse
U: thats is the trend
U: protection against inflation
U: but
U: inflation hasn’t hit the US yet
U: maybe with oil going up in price
M: yeah, now the prices of goods in US even are lower than in China
U: inflation may come into the US economy
M: your gov’t always can push “inflation” to other countries
U: i don’t understand your statement
U: stop blaming
U: and play ball
U: don’t worry about other countries
U: they should take care of themselves
U: do you want to be an investor?
U: then think like one
M: I had invested in Chinese stock market many years.
U: and stop worrying about what US policy does
U: think about yourself and your family
U: if not
U: then don’t be an investor
U: because no government cares about you
M: 🙂
U: ok…good
M: it’s said that North American stock market is quite stable.
M: for a long run
U: yes…its quite high now
M: yeah.
M: It’s said that when democratic party is on power, the stock market will go up
M: When conservative party is on power, the stock market will keep low.
U: it dosen’t matter
U: it goes up and down at times
U: not true
M: oh
U: it has gone up steady since 1982
U: always up
U: but some drops now and then
M: than in 2008, it went deep down for a while
U: but always recovers
U: yes
U: but it has recovered fully from that
M: generally, for a long run, how many percentage for the benefit?
U: it depends
M: 5% every year for 50 years?
M: on average
U: if you bought stocks in a mutual fund in 1982
U: then you could have enough money to retire on
M: that’s already 28 years
U: more than that
M: so investment is important
U: of course
M: If I didn’t buy that apartment, I have nothing now.
U: if you don’t invest your money
U: someone else will
U: so…be a capitalist
U: and make some money
M: that apartment has doubled and maybe will double again.
U: perhaps if you become a successful eBay pro
U: then you will have a few extra $$$ to invest
M: 🙂 well , hope so, thanks
M: it’s past midnight
M: When I do some research about the stock market, I will have some questions for you about it.
U: ok
U: hey…time for me to go
M: Before I have questions about International affairs and English,
M: In future, I will have quesitons about stock market.
M: are you ready?
M: 😉
U: maybe
U: good night
M: good night
M: (hug)
U: (hug)

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