If Wikileaks attacks Band of America, will the bank’s clients be affected?

M: Wikileaks may attack Band of America.
M: will it affect that bank’s clients?
U: yes….I understand it may cause the CEO of BoA to resign
M: :)
U: if the investors sell their shares of BoA stock…it could cause problems
M: oh, i c. it doesn’t affect the people who have accounts in that bank, right?
U: it could
U: it depends and how much money is lost due to investors pulling away from BoA
U: but that depends on how serious or how bad the leaks are
M: Wikileaks said:
Does your business do business with Bank of America? Our advise is to place your funds somewhere safer.
M: what does it mean by funds?
U: we don’t have any ties with BoA
U: but many people do
M: oh, i c
U: funds = money
M: I just know there is a bank named Bank of America.
M: oh, i c.
U: we will see if the leaks are something new or something most people already know
U: if something new…then it could be a problem for BoA
M: oh, maybe they are trying to work out the files they get.
U: i understand that BoA is already taking steps to protect itself
U: so…one can only guess that it will bad news
M: those files should be encrypted
M: :)

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